Good morning.
It feels so good.
As if it was a rebirth.
I'm so alive.
I never realized how down I was these few months.
I didn't feel like writing again.
I was not in the mood to share stories again.
I skipped my beauty regime which I never did before.
I am still a loyal user of Loreal Revitalif and the night regime is a must because it promotes tremendous healing on my skin.
I missed the, for like 3 months already.
Now no more.
Suddenly after moving into a new place, I unknowingly started taking care of myself again.
Taking antenatal vitamins. Taking Calcium again.
Okay ladies don't follow me okay.
You need those vitamins.
I started taking care of my skin.

Yes, I have to drive longer now to work and come home way later but the most important thing is that I am happy.
My house is so clean just the way I like it.
It smells great as soon as I enter the door.
I enjoy decorating our home with the help of husband.
Lastnight we we doing the kitchen together.
Thank you hubby for drilling the wall for me.
Next will be Isabella's room.
We enjoy a peaceful, pretty and clean place.

That was what we did with the old Putrajaya's house.
We made an English garden and all.
It was so beautiful.
We enjoyed playing around with Isabella.
And then, my parents moved in until their place will be ready in Dengkil.
It might take 2 years.
We welcomed them well.
As it turned out it wasn't that easy.
There were too many cats wandering around peeing everywhere, pooping everywhere.
Imagine coming home to a house and to smell urine and weird smells.
That's all I can say. I don't want to reveal too much.
So, my husband and I decided that it is better for us to stay separately to avoid any hard feelings.
After all we have a child and will have one more.
Hygiene is a priority for us.
Hello. I am a doctor.
I get freaked out of germs.
You don't know how dangerous they are okay.
You can die from infections. Nauzubillah.

Though I felt a little bit sad to leave my father but I will be seeing him around once in a while.
It will be like old times when we visit them on weekend.

So, today my staffs who just came back from holidays remarked,'Hmmm doctor nampak berserilah. Doctor dah pakai cream and bedak'.


I answered,' Because I am happy kak'.

And then it clicked me...

Yes, happiness is so important.
You will realize how unhappy you were once you see happiness again.


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