For fresher you

I am in my 7 months of pregnancy now.
I just can't believe how fast time flies.
Feels like I just peed on the stick.
As much as I am excited to meet our second born, I am dreading the labour process.
Now that I know the level of pain to expect, I just cannot believe how quick I became pregnant again and how fast time flies.
I was sort of in a denial state since the whole of this pregnancy.
I didn't think about the labour process at all.
Tucked it way way at the back of my mind.

Now with 3 more months to go, hmmm it is coming to me.

Alhamdulillah, this pregnancy wasn't so difficult for me compared to the first one.
That was because of the road accident which left me immobile for a month and constant back pain.

Though I have to admit that the second one is challenging due to having an active child around.
You just forget that you are pregnant.
Like it or not, you have to do it.

Do you know how when you are pregnant, you have this changes in your body which are due to hormones???
Okay so one of them was the vaginal discharges.
Many ladies suffer from vaginal candidiasis (jangkitan kulit di bawah) or urinary tract infection (kencing kotor).
Alhamdulillah, these far I have never had that.
I have always been very careful to keep my hygiene.
I drink a lot of water like more than 3 litres in a day and never hold my urine.
It is good in a sense that the jet flow of your urine always flush any bacteris out of your stream.
Second one is I have been using a wash.

This is the first time that I am using a wash for douche throughout my entire life.
The reason is because I don't like chemicals at my part.
It is bad for you.
Even using soup is not good for your V as they changed the natural pH at that region which is most suitable for the good microflora. Yes we have good microflora, probiotics over there which stand as guards protecting from foreign germs from invading in.
When you take unnecessary antibiotics, it kills your good microflora and that can cause invasion from other things such as fungas or bacteria.
Now, using douche does the same thing to you.
It can cause irritation overthere or worse case cause infections.

That is why I don't use panty liner and douche wash. You can google their effects after this.
However, this time I used one.
From natural herbs, no chemicals at all.
I have been using for 2 months before I write this.
No I don't get paid for reviewing this product.
Just sharing.
It gives breezy, fresh feeling to you without any irritation or sting.
Your discharges become less concentrated eventhough you are pregnant.
You feel fresh and clean.
So I suggested to all my aunties, cousins and in laws.
Let them try mine and they loved it.

But if you have any vaginal infections, please consult your doctors and get that treated first before you start using any wash okay.
How to know?
When you get foul smelling discharges with funny colors such as white curdy sticky discharges or thick yellow, greenish discharges. Itchiness, redness, swelling around the skin at that area.
Burning sensation when urinate, pain in lower abdomen (bahagian ari-ari).
Wait no more okay.
They don't go away on their own.

Owh and I bought this for RM 25 excluding postage.
Then, I asked my sister in law to buy for me as she sells way cheaper.
Now, everybody in the family is ordering from her.


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