Moving again

I have finally moved to a new place.
I have been very busy and exhausted juggling between work, family and hunting for new place.

I have received so many questions on why do we need to move?
Hmm such long stories.
To make it short, it will be much better for all of us.
I love this new place. It is a residences service condo with impaccable facilities.
Much smalle compared to our own house in Putrajaya but much easier to decorate.
Small spaces, are better for deco and cleaning which means good news for a neat freaked like me.

We moved last Friday.
It was such a hassle to find the best day for moving as we need to synchronize our schedule.
So, finally we chose Friday eventhough hubby had to go to Johor later that afternoon.

We took 1 month and a half to hunt for the most suitable place. We are having 2 kids so we need soace, security,access to shops and food and main road to work and facilities.
So many things to consider.

I started collecting boxes for the moving.
It is great to use boxes because you can seal them for safety and easier to lift.
It is very important to be organized when moving to a new place and that was why, I would do the packing for everything.
Because I need to know where everything is and to make sure nothing is left out.
Such freak right?? LOL.
So when husband asked me where that thing was, I would tell him to find in this box or that bag.
All the fragile things need to be wrapped with newspapers and oacked tightly together.
Alhamdulillah, everything was done and no damages reported.

I watched the movers like a hawk. Hehehe.
Well they were nice boys, 5 of them but still you know, they need big sister's supervision.

By 3 p.m. everything was inside the new place waiting for me to sort out everything.
Hubby get ready to go outstation and by 5 p.m. there were only Isabella and I in the place.

I didn't buy much because we have everything complete except some stickers for kids room.
Isabella!s room and kitchen is still ongoing.

The living room need some drilling for big wall mirror and frames.
I will share with you my diy new table and other things.
Owh I got some new cloth to stich.
Gonna make some skirting and cover for stools.

I have more to whine and tell all of you. But time is a factor these days. InsyaAllah I will story more about my current dilema


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