Big scare!!

Salam Tuesday,
I found a small gap of time to boog today while in the clinic.
So much that I wanted to say.
Talking will make everything much faster shared.
So now, I am at 24th weeks of pregnancy and I don't even realize that.
I got spooky from Gestational diabetes mellitus... you know? Mengandung ada kencing manis.
As my father is a diabetic person, I have risk for GDM which means, I need to drink sugar and test my blood.
I got the biggest shock of my life when my blood sugar was so high.
I was so bumped.
I thought my life was over.
Hahahahhaa. Paranoid.
I started thinking of macrosmic baby (big baby), or that I might need to use insulin during this pregnancy.
Needles?? I hate needles. Atleast not when it is used on me.
I thought how hard it would be to push a big baby.
Isabella was just 2.9kg and that was how I liked it to be.
Healthy and not too big.
Now a GDM baby can reach upto 4kg and if it is more..... Ceaser laaaa beb.

Anyway, as it turned out was that, I didn't have GDM. The test was not valid.
I had to redo and no I don't have GdM. Fuuhhhh!!
But now I am more cautious.
I stopped drinking syrup selasih and pastry for breakfast.

On my way to work, I will be munching an apple for breakfast. LOL. So healthy.

Here a photo of me in case you guys forgot how I look.
I don't like taking photos these days because I don't know why... maybe my fetus doesn't like camera and I also don't like to get ready so I don't think I look nice.


  1. When I was pregnant with no 4 my blood pressure and sugar level were normal throughout and yet my baby was 4.04kg when he was born. My obgyn said its normal coz of the time between each baby was a comfortable gap (3 yrs, 3 yrs and the last was a gap of 5 years) and each baby will be a little bit heavier than the older sibling. True enough because my 1st born was only 2.92kg and the weight kept getting heavier for subsequent siblings.Stopping at 4 insyaallah, otherwise there's gonna be one humongous babycoming out!

    1. Hehehehehe sometimes it happens dear. I have seen many healthy mothers, no GDM or anything but giving birth to baby 3.8- 4 plus kg. My sister in law gave birth to 3.9kg baby and I asked her how she pushed the baby out. Hehehee. Must be super strong push you guys!!!


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