Maternity package KPJ Tawakkal

I finally decided where to give birth.

At 30 weeks plus, I feel huge and my movement is becoming slow.
I feel like everywhere I go, my abdomen would bump to some edges, chair or even people.

I had a check up yesterday.
I don't have GDM (Gestational diabetes mellitus).
Meaning, I takde kencing manis la.
Great news.
Remember how scared I was.
As it turned out the test was not valid due to technical reason.

Still, these days, I am so hooked to Shaklee especially the ESP and osteomatrix.
My life savior.
No more night cramps at all.
I guess my husband is relief because he doesn't have to wake up at night to massage my cramps.
From now on, I will recommend every pregnant mother to take ESP and Osteomatrix.
You will find yourself so energetic to get through the day.

Yesterday, during the ultrasound, MasyaAllah. It was such a miracle.
We witnessed the fetus developments in details.
I was shown the baby's brain, heart, organs, eyes, nose, mouth, feet and everything.
According to the doctor, this baby has a long leg, strong bone.
Not big but going to be long.
It was the same remark that we got during Isabella's ultrasound.
To know that your baby is growing healthily is a miracle.
Praise be to Allah.

Do you know that from the moment of fertilization to the moment of delivery, there are hundreds of thing which can go wrong??
And we have totally no control of it.
As a pregnant mother, I do my best to eat healthily to make sure my baby gets a complete healthy nutrients.
After all most of a child's development is inside the mother's womb so you want the best for your child.
It determines whether you will have a child who is active, fit, clever and not prone to illnesses in the future.
Other than that, I pray to Allah S.W.T to protect this baby.

Okay so I set an appointment with Isabella's obgyn Dr Siti Zaleha from KPJ Tawakkal, which is like 5-10 minutes from our place. Yeay!!
I was terrified that they wouldn't accept me because I am kind of late to book for delivery.
The nurse assured me that it is fine. Fuh!! Lega.
As it is near AidilAdha, the doctor will be on leave soon and can only see me early of next month.
She is the only female Obgyn in KPJ Tawakkal. Her waiting lists and patients are massive. Usually the waiting would be like 2-3 hours.
She is kind and gentle though, so it was worth it.

I checked the maternity package:
RM 2800 for single room
RM 2300 for 2 bedded room.
RM 2100 for 4 bedded room.

These charges are for normal delivery, not including forceps, vacuum, epidural, Ceaser.
It is for 2 days 1 night stay with medicine in ward, Injections for delivery and the newborn vitamin K, Hepatitis B and standard blood tests for G6PD and Thyroid function test.

If you deliver at night or on public holiday, there will be additional charges I think roughly RM 150 per visit.

Overall, I think the price is just great.

Good news for us doctors is that Dr Siti doesn't charge consultation on every visit because we are doctors.
She charged for Ultrasound, medicine, lab test and any procedure.
So last 2 years, for every visit, I had to pay RM 100 only just for 4D ultrasound.
Medicines and lab tests I usually do at the government's clinic.
I always do 2 follow up, the government's one and the private at the end of pregnancy.

I think it is safer this way because if there is any complication in your pregnancy, the private doctor would refer you the government's facilities and without the pink antenatal book from the health clinic, it will be very inconvinient for you and the government's doctors.

Okay, guys.
Gonna stop now.
Stuart Little 2 is over and Isabella has started squeezing next to me on the couch saying,'Tepilah mommy'.

Till next time.
Take care.


  1. hot time flies.if i made it last time,our babies will be on the same year..:(
    btw, i loves shaklee tooo. can i use your testimoni as some people are sooo afraid of shaklee.they even blame the vitamin. :).copy right to you,don't worry.

    1. Can please go ahead. So many of my friends who are doctors and they sell Shaklee. They use my testimony heheehe. Sorry to hear about you mishap dear. InsyaAllah, rezeki will come again..

  2. Alia aku booking dulu sb Hospital Selayang is known for not having beds!!!


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