Giving birth the second time

Selamat Aidil Adha everyone who celebrates!!
Aidiladha always bring back the memory of my labor 2 years ago. If according to Islamic calendar, Isabella is 2 years old. Last 2 years, on this day that I started having irregular contraction (Braxton Hicks).
And that night, I admitted myself to Hospital Putrajaya. Thank God it was filled with empty bed.
Hospital Putrajaya is practically new, clean and beautiful. You will feel like a private medical centre from outside till the inside. However just like any government medical facilities, it is always full house:(
Because of that, you might need to visit another hospital. They even write a sign board on the counter 'Tiada katil kosong. Sila ke hospital lain'.
As much as you feel upset, annoyed with the situation, no bed means no bed. Now go carry your womb elsewhere.

I worked in Hospital Selayang before. I loved that place because it was a place which introduced me to my profession and a place of memories. I really want to give birth over there especially since I know the system, the people and the doctors. I thought this time I can. Until I remember something. Hospital Selayang is always packed. But the policy is never to turn down any patient. We have a kindhearted Hospital Director. As much as we as the medical staffs felt the burdern, it was the best for the patients. During my working days in the O&G department, patients who came for assessment at the PAC centre were OMG!! So many!! I could die but such was the hectic life of an O&G doctors. The whole waiting room with 100s of seats were filled plus some visitors even sat on the floor with cloth. Now, you cam wrinkle your nose in disguise but not everyone can afford to give birth in private centre. So they have to bear with the situation. How about the doctors and nurses? We were short of staffs because the population keep on increasing each year and the workload triplefold. We never complain and tried our best to serve everyone. Build bigger hospital?? Not that easy. Build more hospitals? Maybe in the future when the economy is better. As for now, this is how it is.

So, I would examine a lady in labor pain. If her contraction is irregular with opening of 1-2 cm, we would tell her to go home and come again when the pain is like 2x in 10 minutes, regular pain.

If the pain is regular and the opening is progressing, we have beds, we would escort her to the ward until the opening become bigger and she is ready for birth. That is a great situation.

Sometimes, not all the time, it depends on your luck and the month of your delivery, your opening is progessing but we have no more bed in wards because there were so many admissions on that day. The labour room is full as well as we have limited beds, so you have to wait in the waiting room on a chair. Imagine having contractions and sitting on a chair. Eventhough we will provide you with a painkiller jab but the pain never went away. It is not the best situation for a mother in labor and medical staffs as well because we have to observe everyone an never to forget who and who who might deliver soon. If she suddenly ready to push, we have to be quick to get her on a bed and deliver immediately. Actually that bed was for patient's examination but it is safe for delivery, no problem because everything is complete.

That's what worries me. If I am to give birth and as it turns out, it is a full day which is like everyday is a busy day in Hospital Selayang, I might have to bear the contraction's pain on a chair!! I remember that day when I was just 2 cm opened, with 2 regular contractions in 10 minutes, it was an agony.I was sitting on chair waiting for a nurse to wheel me to the ward in HPJ and everytime the pain came, I would squeeze the chair so hard. Painful!! Agony!! I can't describe to you. I prayed for the nurse to be quick because I couldn't sit on that chair anymore. I couldn't walk as well.
So after I thought about that, I told my husband that I wanted to give birth in comfort please. I couldn't risk sitting on chair when having contractions. Sakit gilerrr.

I contacted the nurses from Labor room Hospital Selayang and the answer is 'still busy doctor macam selalu. Biasalah selalu full'. I asked some of the staffs working in a private clinic near Selayang, who gave birth overthere recently and they admitted to being 6-7 cm still waiting for a bed.

Cry. Looked to hubby with a sad face.

It was painful enough having to bear the contractions. Please let me be comfortable. 

That is why I changed my mind and made booking to KPJ Tawakkal. But still the idea of giving birth with friendly midwies who knkw me and I know them is very inviting. Imagine having friends around you during that ordeal. People you trust. People you worked with and laughed with, had dinner together in the pantry. Syoknya. Anyway, it is still too soon to decide. For now KPJ it is.

But reviews about Hospital Selayang is excellent that is why people from as far as PJ would come to give birth here. Doctors and nurses, midwives are friendly. I am so glad that they had only wonderful things to say. Despite the full house situation, they understood the situation. Bukan sengaja tapi begitulah situasi dunia.

The last time I gave birth alone because when admitted in the ward, husband is not allowed to be there as there are many other ladies around. That is for the safety of the patients. So hubby went home because I told him to. I was only 2 cm, it might take 6 hours or more for a first time mother like me. I don't want him to sleep on an uncomfortable chair outside.

As it turned out, I was ready to push like 3 hours later. I was in so much pain but too weak to call anyone or the nurses. My contractions were already 4x in10 minutes for a good of 1 hour I think. I couldn't do anything. If hubby was there, I would have asked him to call the nurse to check on me. Finally it was 4 a.m. the time for nurse rounding to check on patients that she saw how much in pain I was and started timing my contractions. 4 in 10 minutes!! She exclaimed.

'Saya cari doktor jap. Saya rasa dah nak bersalin ni'.

And the doctor came, I was ready to be pushed to labor room. Hubby was called to come. When he reached the LR, I gave birth safely already.

This time around I told him that I want him to be there every step of the way. He has to see how much pain and agony I go through for him and his children. 
I read somewhere that it is a good thing to let our men witness the birth ordeal for them to understand the sacrifices that the wife does and to appreciate the miracle of life.

Ok guys, that's all for today.


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