Happy birthday to me at 30 weeks

Selamat Hari Malaysia!!
So many things have happened since the weekend.
It was my sister in law's wedding in Shah Alam.
Followed by my birthday on Monday.
We were all working morning to night so I received a birthday kiss and wish from husband.
Got a cake from my boss, my favourite muffins, Churros from the staffs.
Happy me.

Thank God it is a day off for me.
However the weather is so bad so not planning to take Isabella out.
It is very poisonous to us and kids.
Beware guys!!
I had a dream lastnight and in my dream, I gave birth to a baby boy.
Hmm, maybe I should go for 3D scan. The last time I went through ultrasound was at 16 weeks and couldn't see penis at all.
Anyway, I had so many birthday wishes from friends and from followers.
Thank you so much.
It really made my day.
It is good when somebody remembers you even for a short wish right??

So here are my photos at 30 weeks..

 She enjoyed the most.
 Isabella's favourite auntie and uncle.

 Family photo.
 My cousin who came for the wedding.


  1. Gosh your hubster look ruggedly handsome... hahaha! *winks* You are so glowing dear.. Such a happy family.. :)

  2. Really? hahaha I can't wait to get rid of his long hair. Tq dear:)

  3. Replies
    1. tq and I'm assuming the compliment is for Isabella?? hahaha


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