My favourite breakfast!!! ESP

Good morning!!
Today I woke up, as usual heading to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast, which is ESP of course.
Hmm,dah nak habis!!
I have to confess that I am addicted to it because of the delicious taste and the effect.
I feel truly like a superwoman.
So, here let me share with you about the benefits of ESP.
I am not an agent OKAY!!
I don't sell Shaklee.
I am just sharing as  a doctor.
I even advised my clinic staff who is pregnant to start taking ESP and Osteomatrix.
I have full regret that I didn't take them sooner.
What to do?
Nasi dah jadi bubur.
Anyway better late than never.

Lastnight, I was whatsapping my good friend for updates as both of us are pregnant.
She has been on Shaklee since years back.
Anyway, I told her that I started taking prenatal set and boy they work amazing.
She replied back that she has to start taking them again.

Why did I refuse ESP before??

1)Because I don't like soya. I hate the taste.
But ESP doesn't taste like the normal soya you buy in market. Plus I add a little bit of oats to get rid of my cholesterol and oats has anti-cancer properties, prevent constipation and prolonged satiety (lambat lapar).
Sometimes I add banana or berries whenever I feel fruity but when I have no fruits in the kitchen, I will just add some milk and milo. OMG! sedap gilerr!!.
No sharing hahaha.
So you know why my ESP is finishing.
Yesterday when I contacted the agent who is also a doctor and a friend of mine, she was shocked. 
'Dah habis??Cepatnyeee!!'
Oppsss sorry. Hahaha.
I also read that ESP can give a better looking, healthier skin for me and my baby.
I am not sure I can testify for that until I see the result myself.
But as far as health concern, I am so energized right now.
No more back pain, pubic pain, shoulder pain whatsoever.
Pregnancy with body pain??Can be controlled and avoided.
Legs cramp at night?HUH don't remember that no more.
Hahahaha. Sombong giler.
Dulu nangis2 kejut laki urut kaki.
Bad cramps.
I hate you.
You gave me nightmares.
Why am I sharing this when I don't get paid??
Because it is my favourite thing now. LOL.
It is like telling everyone your favourite candy.
I can't believe I who hated pills have become so discipline in taking Shaklee's supplements.
What has got into me??
As a doctor, I want to be very responsible with things that I say. 
I did have requests to review beauty products and health products before.
But I declined as unless I have tried and seen the effect and benefits on me, I will not give a review to just anyone.
The reason I am sharing this is because want those ladies who feel tired and lethargic during pregnancy to get over it soon, just like me.
I don't wish to feel that weak anymore.
Another problem is money, right?
Supplements mean money.
Plus minus bla bla bla, sayang duit bla bla bla, whatever la nak wat camne kalau tak makan sakit bdn n tak larat. I terpaksa tak berkira lah dgn Shaklee. Hmm berkira jugak tapi berpatutan la.I'm sure most of you agree with me.
Yelaa kita tak kaya kan.
Some sisters I know can buy Shaklee for thousands of ringgit in a month.
I wish I can do that.
As for now, I will just buy what I really need.
We'll start from there okay.
So to those who feel tired and weak. maybe your body in  a state of exhaustion, lack of complete nutrition.
Probably Shaklee can help?
Just try.
If you know how I was not a fan of Shaklee before, you will know that I am not biased.
Banana ESP milkshake anyone?


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