What 2015 is all about

Can you guys believe that it is September already??
I felt like it was just last week that I wrote my 2015 resolution and dream.
Now the year is almost over.
Rub eyes.
I am a September baby.
And I feel like I didn't achieve any of my dream this year.
Plans have way of making a turn.
Remember I wanted to go Unrah by the end of this year??
Well, it is September now and I should be ready.
I am thinking about end of the year holiday.
You know, people go for holiday in November and December.
Just like I did last year, the Europe trip.
So this year, we planned if we are blessed with more 'rezeki' we would go for 'Umrah'.
I really really want to step foot on Allah S.W.T mighty beautiful special house.
I cannot guys.
I am due for birth by the end of November.
Allah S.W.T gave us another way of blessing.
I wasn't sure if I asked for this blessing this soon but well He knows more and I can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy.
I'm sure Isabella can't wait to have friends at home as she is asking for baby everynight.
'Mummy, where's baby? Muuaaahhh' she kissed my round tummy.

Pat mommy's tummy.
Rub my tummy.

Most people commented how small my tummy look at 7 months. They said that if I didn't tell them, they wouldn't know.
I don't feel that way though because I feel heavy with limitation of movements.
I trust their eyes of course as I cannot see myself upfront.

So yea, no Umrah this year.
Focus on giving birth and confinement.
Hmm , I actually not lookingfp forward the labour pain. Hmm, not thinking about it at all.
I am in denial.
Hmmm what labour? Who's giving birth??

Let me enjoy these last 2 and half months guys.
I can't wait to get this pregnancy over with so that I can start chasing my other dreams.
There are so many things that I want to do but you cannot do everything at the same time.
If only you can speed up every process. I don't like waiting.
I want to be a mother and I want to be successful as well.
I want to do good to the community, I want to read more books, learn more things, or continue studies and see the world.
On top of that,I want to be a great mother and wife with excellent children.
A little bit ambitious right?
That's what my cousin said to me.

She said she doesn't think that I can have them all.
Well, maybe I will not have them all the exact way but maybe I can be a great mother, a successful person, achieved my dream and target, have excellent kids, travel the world and at the same time read more books and further studies.

Ehhh.... samalah tu.
Still ambitious.
What to do.

I know that I cannot go anywhere this year but I am still reading about places to visit.


So I was doing some calculation for 2 adults, I toddler and 1 baby, the flight tickets would cost me RM 7k plus. This doesn't include going from one place to another.

This was for a cheap deap from Etihad. Good price ticket but Isabella is considered an adult ticket alreay that's why.

Another deal is Airasia deal KLIA-Tokyo..
Way cheaper RM 3k for 4 of us to and fro.
Mmg murahlah. 
Ticket might be cheaper but cost of living in Japan is way way higher than in the Middle east and Isatnbul.

I am thinking of taking my kids to roll around in the snow next year.
They gonna look so adorable like Eskimo kids.
I can visualize already.
Japan is very cold in winter.
It has heavy snow in the northern region such as Hokkaido.
Very beautiful.
They even have a snow festival in Sapporo in early of February where they build giant ice sculpture.

In winter, people go to 'onsen' Japanese hot spring for hot water dip.
I think it is so cool to relax here and spend few days with the kids.
The winter snow monkeys.
Siannya muka merah. Sejukla tu.

As for now, I am sitting tight until I can fly high again, run and jump or whatever you call it. Every plan has to wait now until this mama give birth.
This year, 2015, is about waiting and to be patient.
Lama betul mengandung ni kan?


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