Alhamdulillah for all our great experiences

Isabella turned 2 last Friday.
I can't believe how fast time flies.
My daughter is 2 years old.
It felt like it was just last month that I gave birth to her and held her on my lap, wondering how tiny she was. Nowadays, she has outgrown my lap, longer with her twho legs dangling down.

So much has happened.
I remembered that time when she fell from the babywear Baby Love I think when she just 2 months old.
She was so tiny and I had just reached the Health clinic.
You can read it on my blog 'the day I cried in front of everyone'.
It was one of my popular post.
Anyway, we went only the 2 of us and the button just snapped open.
I didn't have time to catch her and off she spiralled on the hard cement floor.
I cried my eyes out, non stop, as I picked her from the floor and hugged her close to me.
'Mommy is sorry. I'm so sorry'.
The nurses started rushing to us.
She was admitted in Putrajaya's Hospital to monitor for intracranial bleeding.
Head injury/brain bleed.

When the surgeon said that they suspected subarachnoid hemorrhage, MasyaAllah, I felt like my world has just collapsed.
Husband was in Sabah at that time.
I called my mother in law and I couldn't talk, I cried.
I call my mama and same thing happened.
I cried everywhere in the emergency department.

My mind searched on all my experiences handling with subarachnoid hemorrhage (pendarahan dlm kepala) and none of them survived.
I prayed to Allah and I even cry in my prayer.
'Please let her survive this. Please protect my child Ya Allah. I just got her. I have never had anyone in my life. Please don't take her away from me just like you took my late mother when I was small. I have never complained and I tried my best in everything that I do. Please I need my daughter. I have just learned about true love and happiness. You can give all her pain to me and I will be grateful'.

I guess all mothers pray for the same thing.
My friends called and messaged me once they found out.
Friends who work in Putrajaya's hospital came to visit as well.
Everytime I asked them,'What do you think? Subarachnoid hemorrhage, can she survive? Have you ever had cases that survive?'

Despite being a doctor, I still asked my doctors' friends.
My friend DR Nadiah Kamaruddin said,'InsyaAllah. Can. Dun worry. I think she will do well'.

She was so convinced even we talked on the phone. Hahhaa. She hasn't seen Isabella.
She was one of the cleverest doctor I know and will soon become a specialist.
So I borrowed her conviction.
Her words gave me hope.
Maybe she lied to me at that moment but it made me feel stronger.

My baby girl had to be fasted.
Do you know how difficult it was to watch your baby goes hungry.
She wanted breastmilk but I couldn't give to her.
We had to fast her and monitor for sign of intracranial bleed-->persistent vomiting, loss of consciousness, irritability, fit.

She was sucking my fingers and her branula.
Poor baby.
Finally it was night time.
More than 12 hours from the time of fall.
She was crying at 4 a.m. and I breastfed her a little bit.
Nobody knows.
She was ravenous, drinking so fast.
When the nurse dropped by, I pulled her so quickly that even she was shocked.
When the nurse went away, I continued.
This is not what you are supposed to do but I am a doctor, I made my own judgement call base on my daughter's clinical symptoms.
You guys shouldn't because if anything happens, you cannot bare the risk.
I have knowledge so I am careful eventhough the plan might backfire but that was the risk I would have to bear.

So Isabella, fell asleep because she was full.
She was calm and I felt better.
So that night, I slept on the chair holding her in my arms.
I think we were admitted for 2 days.

During the morning round, the surgeons came and said that Isabella can start taking milk again. Alhamdulillah. Of course I didn't tell them that she has started 4 hours earlier.

That day, hubby arrived from Sabah.
He took the earliest flight to come home.

Eventhough Isabella had no symptoms of bleed, the surgeon said that it can be difficult to decide on baby's CT scan. Probably there was no bleed or just minor.
Plus her anterior fontanelle (umbun2) didn't bulge at all.

Allah gave us second chance.
We were discharged the next day but I was keeping close eyes in Isabella.
Because of the Shaking syndrome.
I watched her developments closely to see any effectd from the fall.
I was still worried that she might suffer complications such as developmentally delays.

Alhamdulillah, she was doing so fine, she turned over at 4 months, she raise her chest at 5 months and 6 months, crawled, she said her first word at 8 months.
She can focus on books, flipped pages at 7 months and everything that she achieved, always faster than the book.

Now she is 2 years old!!
I am so happy and relieved with everything that we went through.
So grateful to have her with us.

I chose a design for her cake.

Huge cat's face.
Isabella loves cat so she wanted a cat as a cake.
I did ask her if she wants panda, or tiger or elephant, cat?
Her favourite movie now is the Kung fu panda.
But she chose cat.

I ordered from instagram @Nurulshari #kexbakery.
Big size 9 inch, fluffy furs probably Persian, chocolate moist base with butter cream outside.
Sedapppp gilerrr.
It was so heavy, I think the cake was more than a kilo.
For RM 150.
You will not be disappointed with her.
I have never tasted a cake this SEDAP!!
Even my husband's family agreed.

What else guys, go follow her ig.
You can choose a deco and show her what cake you wanted.
For me the most important thing is, her cake is always sedap, moist, not overly sweet, just nice.


  1. Oh my... My heart skipped a few beats reading those memories of yours. Alhamdullillah, she was protected, still is, insyaallah. Happy birthday to your little pretty girl. Has she passed into the terrible 2 phase yet? Mine just turned 18 months but he is already in that phase... the all knowing, all demanding, all cranky, all temperamental, all mine, yang dipertuan agong, ruler of the universe - ish phase...

    1. tq dear. Terrible 2 is a phase when kids get frustrated and unable to convey/ get what they want. If you handle the psychology well, insyaAllah you won't notice the terrible 2. She is in that stage few months ago. More demanding and bossy but alhamdulillah we are doing fine for now. hehehe hopefully will not get worse hahaha

  2. Teringat cerita bella jatuh dulu tu...
    Aku pun naik cuak time tu...


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