Shaklee effects on my skin.

Guys, I am really excited to share about my skin.
Bear with me okay.
After 6 weeks of using Shaklee's ESP, Vitamin C and E plus prenatal set (for pregnant lady), my skin has been in its best form, better than ever.
I had people commenting on my skin, patients saying how I look so pretty even in pregnancy.
My nurses said I glow now not like before, always looking haggard.
My sister in laws even noticing the moist skin and pinkish glow on my face despite in the dark.
I glow in the dark??
So they are starting on Shaklee skin sets with my monitoring.
After a week, the glow could be seen on their faces.
They niw understood how important to be healthy from inside rather than slapping so many creams on the outside and not correcting the nutritions storage at all.

I even make my husband take Shaklee. hehehe.

I started all my family members on Shaklee even my parents.
They should take Shaklee because they are old with diabetes and risk for hypertension and etc.
To keep them healthy, to live long and healthy life, they need this.
I started them on Omegaguard, Lecithin for cholesterol reduction, heart and blood vessels protection, ESP for energy and osteomatrix for the bones.
Next month, will be buying more for them.
Sorry this is the best I can get for my pre-shaklee's photo.
I didn't take photos back then because as you can see, I looked tired and pale.
Started Shaklee for a week.
See my dark circle??
I was stark white as well. Pale and dull.

my swollen eyebags. My puffy skin.

3 weeks later. For your information, I still use basic things such as spf cream and dust powder just like before.
No filter because I hate the glow, blurring effect on the photos.

My sister in laws commented how my skin especially the cheeks looked firmer than before.
I really feel so confident these days.
Not to mention, my hair becomes shinier, healthier and thicker.

This was taken yesterday.
Eye brows still sparse, no make up on the eyes. Just non-coloured lip gloss to protect from chapped lips.

That is why I am saying repetitively that Shaklee really works!!
Look at that old, pale lady from the first photo.
She didn't feel like living at all.
All she wanted to do was sleep, and lie down.
Poor grandma.

If you wanna more about Shaklee, just whatsapp me
Dr Hasifah

Plus, this month has offer on vitamin E. Buy 1 free 1. Which means you will have 240 capsules.
Hah, bila nak habis makan tu??
Share lah dgn suami ataupun buat masker kat muka mcm ktrg ni.

Okay guys.
Till next time.


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