My Beauty regime

Hello everyone,
I have just come home from work.
It is so good to be home with Isabella in front of television, watching The Kung Fu Panda 2 for like the hundreds time. Sigh.
The good thing is that she has shifted her favourite from The Ice Age 1,2,3, Happy Feet, Stuart Little and now Kung Fu Panda 2. Most of these, I just recorded from Astro PVR.
As long as the characters are animals, I know she will like them.

We are waiting for my husband to come home.
He is on the way.

I woke up today morning feeling so fresh and pretty.
You know that feelings when you feel so you again.
It is hard to feel 'you' during pregnancy.
I noticed how my eye bags became darker, how my skin despite acne-less, it was pale, dull and boring.
I think I look old.
Thus the no-selfie, no photo please during this period of pregnancy.
You know how I love ootd before and they stopped when pregnancy started.
It was the same when I was carrying Isabella.
I guess when you are tired, weak and struggle with a lot of bodyache, you don't have the mood to take photos. Afterall, you don't feel pretty at all.

Well, things have changed.
I only took ESP and Osteomatrix, Vitamin E and Vitamin C from Shaklee for a month, and since then I felt so energized.
Of course I would feel sleepy when it was time but I stopped complaining about body pain, back pain or exhaustion.
I guess hubby must be really glad for me.
His ears must be melting from all the complaints.

I took Shaklee because of the exhaustion which came from depletion of nutritions storage from my body and low hemoglobin.

Why do doctors, nurses provide you with so much vitamins since early pregnancy? Why do people and elders emphasize on eating good food for your baby??
Because what we eat will determine the developments of our fetus.
Every organs, skin, bones, health, intellectual and etc.
We help contributes in that.
That is why it is important to have good food and supplements as addition.
Honestly, who can eat full sets of vegetables and fruits in a day?
Who has the time?
To eat apple, banana, carrots, orange, dragon fruits and etc etc.
Not me.
By the time I reach home and finish my chores, attending to my girl, all I wanted was to sip a mug of Milo in front of the television or just sleep.
Fruits? Tomorrow la.
And that is how it goes.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to share.
Lately, I realized that my eyebags are disappearing.
Today they are gone.
Like really gone.
My skin I noticed to be supple like rubbery, collagen-filled, elastic, soft, shiny, dewy, pretty.
My skin is different.
I actually noticed it since last week.
I woke up touching my face and that felt weird.
I kept quiet and continue everything as usual.
Today, I woke up basking in the new differences.
I feel great!!
I looked pale. Actually I was pale throughout my pregnancy.
Check the eye bags shadow.
I look haggard at 16 weeks of pregnant.

 Remember I told you how lazy I am to apply face cream? Hehehe.
I am still not compliant to the cream.
The only thing that I changed was Shaklee.
They said ESP has an effect on your skin.
Great effects.
People did ask me if ESP has contributed to my skin?
I didn't say yes because it was too soon.
I will not review things that I don't believe in or if I don't see the results myself.
Now I have to say, SHAKLEE is wonderful to my skin!!
I am still makeup less.
Lazy person ever.
But when I say make up less, that means I still use SPF cream okay and lip gloss.
I don't go out without protection.
Gosh! Who wants to get skin cancer??

So, with the help of a friend I became a Shaklee member.
Today I went to Shaklee's Hq to buy my my second ESP.
Also bought for a friend who is pregnant and having same problem like me.
I was just telling her how I felt being the bubbly, talkative me and she asked me to order for her.
I was a member but I didn't know how to order as I didn't plan to get for others.
And that is how I am involved with Shaklee as Shaklee's independent distributor.

Got Vita-Lea as a complimentary for new member.
Immediately took 2 tablets in the clinic.
As soon as I came home, made ESP shake for myself.
Owwwwhhhhhh it tasted so good!!
SEeeDdddddapppppp gilerrr!!
A little bit of milk, a scoop of Milo and 2 scoops of ESP. Shake shake shake!! Walla..

So anyone who wish to get beautiful skin??
Remember to be beautiful you have to be healthy.
Beauty comes from within you, which means being healthy.
We can apply all sort of cream but the shine only comes from being healthy.
Being healthy means having great organs, great structure of skin and everything.
To be healthy we have to eat good food, complete all nutrients, stay active and be happy.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Shaklee's products or to discuss about your health problem in order to find out how Shaklee's can help you, you can contact me through my:-

1)Facebook Hasifah Mohd Yusof
2) Whatsapp me at 012-3400780

Glad to help people.
Just don't be shy to share your problems.
Because doctors are build to listen:)


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