My weekend

Hello guys!!
Boy I miss you all/ blogging.
A week has passed.
So much to share but so little time.
Alhamdulillah, hubby is finishing his shoot and will be helping me with Shaklee.
I seriously need help.
I cannot imagine to be doing pretty well like this but praise be to Allah.
It was just for shari g about health info, nothing new, just doing my doctoring job, sharing with everyone what it means to be having enough nutrition, what we can avoid and how will it affects us in the long term run.
Seriously nothing new, just this time, I have a brand to recommend insteaf of telling people to just find any brand in the pharmacy when I myself tried them and found to be not effective on me.

So yesterday, we went back to my MIL's place in Negeri Sembilan.
Most of his sibblings were there.
We have not gone back for few weeks since hubby had shooting on weekends as well.

It was good to be back.
It was a good rest.

Suddenly my sister in laws said,' Iffa, your skin looks so glowing and moist even in a dim light. I can see so clearly. Dulu tak macam ni? Iffa makan apa? Sharelah'.

So I did..

I have been taking Shaklee's Vitamin E, Vitamin C and ESP without missing for more than a month.
But the result could be seen after 2 weeks.

Even my patients were complementing on how I look.
I am happy as well.
Probably because I don't feel pregnant at all.
I feel so strong, active and alive despite the growing bump.
Thanks to Shaklee ESP and prenatal set.

Plus now that my skin is glowing, I think I shine and that makes me thrill as well.

Well, hubby is so jealous.
He is going to Jakarta for an Indonesia-Malaysia's film shooting at the end of the month.
He wants my skin!!!! ASAP.

To have a beautiful skin takes discipline and care.
We have to use appropriate skincare products, skin supplements and drink a lot of water.
Nothing is ever ASAP.
But well, I am starting him on Vitamin E, Vitamin C and ESp from Shaklee.
He needs great skin on screen right.
Tak sesuailaaa isteri jual Shaklee, kulit glowing tapi suami kulit kusam.
Wat org gelak kat I nanti.

Okay guys. Enough updating.
So yes all my in laws into Shaklee now:)
Because I want them to be healthy so that we can all grow old together.

If you wish to order any set from Shaklee, just whatsapp me at 012-3400780, Dr Hasifah.
I can recommend product to suit your every condition.


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