Never fear

I was in the toilet..
When I heard my husband shouting..
My thought was 'Apa plak Isabella buat kat luar tu sampai daddy dia jerit-jerit'.
I finished my business and went out.
He was holding Isabella in his arms, running around with a happy face.

He saw me.
I was moving slowly towards the couch.

'Syg!! You know what?? I got it!!'

Hmm got what??

As it turned out, we received a very good news, great news indeed.

'Owh yg u jerit-jerit tadi tu sb ni la? Ingatkan Isabella buat apa tadi', I replied.

Alhamdulillah, it is a blessing from Allah S.W.T.

The only thing that concern me is that he will be away when I am in labor.
Why la I always have to give birth alone.
So sad.
What is the point of giving birth in private centre if I don't need a companion.
I only need my husband.

Everything that comes by always with a test for us.

My husband turned to me and asked,' Syg ok ke? Macam mana?'
I could see his worried face.

I turned and replied,' Macam mana apa? This is an opportunity. You can't let it go. It will be idiotic to let go. I just have to be double strong and continue being a superwoman'.

It is easier said.
I am build with thick walls around me.
I thought about having another month without him.
I was counting for this shoot to be over so that we can spend time together.
Atleast this one he is just nearby.

Isabella has to stay with someone when I am in labor.
Her Ashu is just above us so that will not be a problem.
My sister in law can drive me.
Hahahahahaa. Dramatic right?

Anyway, Allah S.W.T is there.
That is the best companion when we are in pain or trouble.
I remember not thinking about my husband at all during my previous labor.
I was consumed with talking to Allah S.W.T about my pain and praying that He will make it over quickly.

So, guys whenever we reach a hard path, remember that nothing is impossible, it is just more difficult, that's all.
What do you do??
Just do it!!!
Never give up.
We have ourselves to rely on.
Depending too much on others can limit your achievements in life.
Believe in your capabilities.
Believe that you can handle everything.
Everyone has rough lane once in a while because that is life.

Everyone has a responsibility.
My husband has a responsiblity to provide and I have a responsibility to keep his family well and safe when he is away.

Anyway, I don't want to ponder that much after a blessing from Allah S.W.T.
Fearing that He might think I am not feeling grateful.
I am grateful but I will have to rely on YOU dear Almight Allah to ease my way and to make me extra strong okay?


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