Our baby brings luck!!

Good morning!!
Have you ever heard the term that 'anak itu rezeki'?
Yes it is true.
But in what way?

Having a child is a blessing for those who are waiting, for parents, for first time parents and for everyone because kids bring happiness to you.
However, some people might find having too many children is a burden especially in this economy.

I have met a mother who dropped her tears immediately after I wished her,'Congratulation, you are pregnant'.
It was her 4th pregnancy.
She has 3 kids at home and they all demand attention from this working mom.
She shared how she and husband are government servant and these days with the price of everything being so high up, having to send 3 kids in a nursery which cost more than a thousand ringgit, with the standard monthly salary, it is a struggle doctor.

I seriously understand. I empathize.
But what can I say.
I tried to comfort her to look on the bright side, to see this as a hidden blessing from God.
Other than, I know that everyone has hidden difficulties in life. Including me.
I don't judge people but I listen and empathize.
I don't think it is good to be judgemental when you are a doctor, where everyone tells you everything.

It is very important to listen to others, to sympathize, then later to soothe the person in distress.
There are ways to soothe someone without being harsh and critical.
When you listen, you are soothing her already.
Then, say something good and encouraging.

Being pregnant again, having more kids mean more commitment, more time restriction especially to working mothers who are busy pursuing a project, a raise, who is continuing studies, who is already busy and etc etc.

But what we need to do is find a solution.
How you find a solution is the answer how you will survive.

Always work hard and pray to God to ease your way.
Trust me, if you think harder enough, you will find a way.
I always find a way.
I don't mop around in tears and problem.
I don't even tell my husband my problems.
Because problem is just a chore I have to settle.
Most of the time I have a solution and a plan to handle it.

So, lastnight husband came back from casting and said,' I rasa this second baby is a lucky baby to us. I have so much blessings from Allah S.W.T'.

So I got excited. Did you get the part? Why are you saying so?
Tell me more.

Yes he got the part.
He had a bery encouraging meeting lastnight.
May Allah S.W.T keep giving him more blessings.
I know how hard he worked.
I have always supported him with his passion.

Maybe you have to wait so long but just keep on working, keep on finding ways and don't forget that your prayer is the best weapon as well.

I always believe that if you work hard enough, consistent enough, you will get there.
Nothing is impossible.
Nothing is ever impossible to me.

So, you see, my husband was worried when I got pregnant for the second time.
He worried about providing for another child, financially.
I worried about arranging my busy schedule.
Financially, I will be able to chip in for another baby but I will be busy especially with 2 kids, 1 is a newborn.
I will be exhausted as well being pregnant.
Will I be able to handle everything?
Especially with my husband's busy schedule.
He cannot give me his share for chores and for everything.
When he is shooting, he is rarely here.
How? How??How?
So many things were on my mind.
I haven't being able to arrange my thoughts on the spot.
I got up from the bed, I thought about:-
Who am I to question God's decision?
Maybe there is something that he wants to show me.
Maybe I cannot get pregnant later because of some illness or whatever, who knows.
So he wants me to get pregnant early.

With that trust, when you don't have the answer, you will have to trust Allah S.W.T and that is a comfort enough.

What if I can't handle everything myself? What if I have to cut back my work? What if I don't get paid this much? What if I get so tired??

That's okay. All these questions, the answer and solution is in Allah S.W.T.
If He gives you strength, then you can continue working.
If He ease your way, then you can handle everything as usual.

So, you see what we worries are the thing beyond our controls but insyaAllah we will find the way.

And alhamdulillah, I am 33 weeks, still going strong, healthy, even so happy, can't wait to meet this little girl.
Hubby is having alhamdulillah non stop project and I can't thank more.

Everything has a way of giving you solution.
I was so weak and sick, and suddenly I thought of Shaklee, the thing I was really sceptical before.
With the help of Allah S.W.T, I became strong and healthy.
I become so happy being my strong self again.
And I decided to share with people to help others.
Now, it has been my side income which pays handsomely as well.

Probably in the future, I don't have to get away from my children that long with the amount paid by Shaklee.
Seriously, you can earn beyond limit depends on how motivated and determined you are.

Every question has an answer. So never give up.

So this is my husband's coming film. It is a big film, huge budget, a cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia.
Amongst others who are involved are Bunga Citra Lestari, another Indon actor Mr Reza, Bront Palare, hubby Iskandar Zulkarnain and Atikah Suhaime.

They will be shooting in Jakarta.
Title: My stupid boss.
It will be a romantic comedy I guess.

This month, Shaklee is giving so many benefits to the new members.
If you are looking to make side income, huge income, to quit your job or just to use Shaklee for yourself, contact me.

Through FB: Hasifah mohd Yusof.
Just pm me.


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