2 cm opened!!! Labour will be soon I guess

Lastnight, I was home alone.
Hubby went out to work.
There is a voice over that he has to do.
Isabella went out with her auntie.
I was alone but telgramming with my Shakle upline.
She was teaching me about marketing and many more tips.
Basically, it was very exhilirating.
I learned so much.
I suddenly have more ideas how to improve my business.
It was 10 p.m.
I was still alone.
I started feeling funny in the womb.
I feel the contractions every 30 minutes.
Not painful but regular.
I had to sit straight to feel comfortable because my abdomen was board hard.
It comes and go.
It went on again and again.
Becoming more rapid. Every 10 minutes.
Finally my sister in law came back with her husband.
They are staying with us now.
I told her how I felt.
That I am not sure.
I called hubby but told him he doesn't have to come back yet. Just finish his work.
At 12 midnight, every 5 minutes I would feel the contractions.
Felt like going to the toilet as well.
Texted my friend, another doctor, who just delivered her second baby at 37 weeks. Dr Sakinah.
She said, second baby was different for her.
She advised me to go for check up.
As the contractions grew stronger, I started packing my bags just in case.
Placed them at the door.
No blood, no ruptured of amniotic sac.
I was chatting with a school friend at that time.
Felt stronger contractions now.
I know it is building up.
Maybe tmrw or 3 days from now, labor might come.
I called hubby. Went straight to voicemail.
Several times.
His phone went off.

Suddenly at 1 a.m. he called.
He was still at the office.
Told him to come home just in case.
Isabella and I went to sleep.
He came back at 2 a.m.
I decided to wait for tmrw.

Today, contractions have reduced.
They were there but not that frequent anymore.
We still go for check up.
2 cm opened.
My doctor let me go.

waiting for my shot.

As the baby was still premature, I received a shot of IM Dexamethasone on the butt.
To help baby's lungs mature faster.
She advised me to squat more often because the baby's face is tilted and that is why I am having more pain so early.
This Shaklee mealshake's baby is measuring her height.

Okay so we are gonna squat baby.
But the baby is engaged now. Perut dah turun daaa.
On Saturday, she will check again.
Now, I a, at work until 10 p.m.
Decided to still continue as the pain has stopped.
I just get bored of doing nothing.
Frankly, work is way easier than babysitting Isabella.
She is so demanding and seeking full attention. As if she knows a baby is coming to steal her place.
Super sensitive as well.
My husband is babysitting her now.

My clever girl is praying Maghrib.


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