Giving positive aura to others

Alhamdulillah the day is over.
Tomorrow will be Friday.
My weekend starts early.
I purposely take a day of on Friday just to prolong my weekend.
Like I said my week was so busy and full.
So I deserve this early rest.

Plus, the clinic was so full with people and most of them are my long years patients, so we know each other well.
Consultation usually last a little bit longer than usual when you know these people, the wives and their children already.

What I want to share is about a patient of mine, a mother of 2 who is pregnant with her 3rd one.
She started having nausea and vomiting at 7 weeks. It was so bad that she was quickly losing weight.
Which was not good for her and her baby.
Baby needs food to grow but she couldn't eat and all she could do was vomit.
She quickly became my regular patients.
As always I would give her my sympathy, my support and time listening to her side.
I was a pregger with bad morning sickness, terrible in fact. So I understand the despair and loss that she felt.
Quickly we became fast friend.
After a week of almost every 2 days of seeing her, I decided to let her try ESP. I didn't ask her to try other supplements because she would vomit them out.
But if she takes ESP, she will feel energize and the baby will gain some weight and growth.
She was becoming paper thin.
So thin that the wind itself can blow her off.
So I took the ESP to clinic the next day and taught her how to take it.
After 2 weeks she didn't come to the clinic anymore.
And yesterday she did.

She still have nausea and vomiting but she has put on weight. Not as thin as before. Her skin is pinkish, no longer pale from anemia. She looked good. She didn't cry anymore.
Started telling stories, smiling and even asking about my delivery.
I could sense her change of mood and I was so glad for it.
She said that there are days that she might vomit the ESP after few hours but there are days that she can keep it in her stomach.

I assure her that despite her throwing up a little bit of the ESP, most of it has been adsorbed inside her intestines. Her baby is getting some nutrients and that is why she feels better and stronger.
I am so glad that I managed to help her.

I really try my best to give others some positivity and to help in anyway I can.
Everytime she comes, the consultation will be very long because we would talk and talk.
The patients cards were pilling up as well.
Most of the patients are my regular. They know me and I know them after years of seeing them and the families. They would purposely come on the day that I am on duty.
Workload is high. Exhausting. Too many patients to see in a short period of time.
But that shows I did something right for them to come again and again to see Dr Hasifah.
To even call to confirm if I was on duty.

Being able to make people who felt lost and in despair, smile again is so wonderful.
I know that is the reason why I still continue do what I do.
And that is also the reason for my involvement with Shaklee.
To support health in a way that I know best.


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