Labour update

I am still pregnant guys!!
Yesterday went for check up.
3 cm opened.
But no contractions.
No pain.
I can't believe that I am dilating 1-->2--> 3 cm without any pain.
Is this going to be a painless labor??
I hope so.
But is there such thing??
So I went home to rest.
Waiting to have pain onset.
Had bloody discharges 2 days ago but yesterday was more.
Today even more blood.
Kept going to the toilet as I felt like defecating but no poop came out.
Was that contraction as well??
Seriously, this second time is so confusing.

When it was with Isabella, I didn't have blood or anything coming out.
Just, sudden very painful contractions and it was just 2 cm.
But the pain was so bad that 4 hours later I gave birth.
That was at 38 weeks.

As I am according to Dr Siti's calculation, is not yet 37 weeks, she and I decided not to rush labor.
Tmrw should be 37 weeks.
Got another appointment with her tomorrow.

Husband went back to Jakarta today afternoon.
Sigh! Missing him.
I could see how hard it was for him but as a wife, I try to stay strong as not to worry him.
I also want him to focus on work, to do his best.
Packed him Shaklee's skin set and collagen as well.
His skin is improving so much.
I have to say that this is his best skin I have seen.
But still, there is a lot to improve.

These weekends I have my cousin and her husband to accompany me at home in case I went into labour.
They babysit Isabella as well.
I owe them so much. Very grateful.
They brought food as well.

Now, they went back already.
I am alone with Isabella until my sister in law comes back from kampung.
She will be back soon.
Isabella is so clingy these days.SHe always stare at my face as if she tries to understand what I feel and going through.
She hugs me once in a while especially when she sees how uncomfortable I am.
Such a dear child.
Owh and she is bossy as well.

'mommy, you sit here', patting pillow next to hers.

'Mommy, come here',to follow her outside the bedroom.

Checking me in the bathroom,'Mommy, mommy what u doing mommy??'

Or when I came out from the bathroom, she asked,'Mommy shower?'

Is she taking care of me??

Bless you my child.

My husband has a few days gap between filming My STUPID BOSS so he bought a ticket home on Tuesday.
I wonder if I can wait that long??
I really wish for him to be around.
Hmm we will see what Dr Siti says tomorrow.

Whatever it is, natural labour is the best.
No induction unless necessary.
Pray for me guys!!
Till next time.

p/s: To order Shaklee, can whatsapp me 012-340 0780


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