New film 'My Stupid Boss!!'

Hye guys,
November is going to be a busy month for this mommy.
Long holiday was over since the first of Nov.
Work has started again.
Busy schedule full day.
Husband has flown to Jakarta last Monday, leaving me as a single mother again.
Braxton Hicks contractions are coming.
Walking becomes more difficult due to the head engagement.

Felt sorry for Isabella.
Her daddy is away and mommy is busy. Sigh.
But I have to complete certain hours before I take my long maternity leave.
If not, salary will be cut huhuhu.

My daughter is so talkative that at times to be honest, I find the long chatter stimulates my headache.
No not the physical headache but the emotional headache hehehee.
I dun think I was ever that talkative at her age and my dad agreed.
She talked and talked and sing and dance.
So much energy.
When hubby was around, those things were funny.
But when mommy is alone, chasing after her to put on pampers is no longer funny okey.

As for hubby, he is busy with rehearsal in Jakarta with fun people.
With Bunga Citra Lestari (drool), Atikah Suhaimi and Bront Palare.
Can you spot my happy husband??
Like a school boy je.

It is a new film Indonesia-Malaysia cooperation called My stupid boss.

A lot of serious work right hehehee.
All these photos I took from IG BCL, CheMatButang, Iskandarzulkarnain_.

'Amboi2 rapat ngat aih tu!!'


Just joking guys. Having fun seeing him at work :)
Such a cool wife this mommy doctor.

Anyway, he is coming home tmrw morning but I will be at work till night so...
Isabella will get to play with daddy. I know she missed him so much.
Mommy too hehehe.

Iklan sket hahahaha.

Ok bye bye readers.


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