Antenatal check up at 36 weeks.


Yesterday was due for another antenatal check up with Dr Siti Zaleha from KPJ Tawakkal.
As always, she is very nice, pleasant and kind.
I love that feelings you know when you can trust someone especially your doctor to take care of you and your child.
Luckily husband was back from Jakarta so we went together.
He of course has to babysit Isabella who made it her mission to check other babies.
Daddy has to take her for a walk near the peads ward.

Finally it was our turn to see the doctor.
Everything was fine.
Baby is chubbier she said.
2 weeks bigger than her actual age of gestation.
Bones were long as she measured.
Shaklee baby. I guess.
Already 2.6 kg at 36 weeks.
A tad bigger than Isabella during her time.
Owh but I still wish she doesn't exceed 3.2 kg.
Big baby takes a lot of work to push during labor.
Smaller baby makes labor progress faster just like my previous experiences.
Just 5 hours of labor pain and walla we are done baby.
Lets go to sleep.

Another thing to worry about is the fact that I am getting painful contractions quite often since 3 days ago.
It is a preterm contractions which means baby is not at term yet.
I don't wish to deliver a baby earlier than term.
The best is 38 weeks and above but 37 weeks ++ will be okay.
So my doctor asked about my work and I had to admit that my clinic was a pretty busy one.
In a day I see 100s patients and her jaw dropped.
She said she would have contractions if she sees that many patients.
She advised me to lay off from work, to rest more because you know being busy and tired can trigger preterm contractions. I mean being too active.
Now, I am on Salbutamol to stop the contractions.
In a week time, we will see her again to check the opening if contractions continue.
Hopefully, baby can wait for 1-2 weeks more.

As for now, husband is fully handling our little princess who is so active, demanding and super clingy to mommy.
Lately she became so clingy as if she understood that somebody is coming out soon.
Thankfully haze is over so we went out for dinner last night and bought some newborn's outfits.


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