Real Pantang... Help me!!

Day 17 of confinement.
I am residing in Kulim now, my hometown/late grandmother's place.
This is a real confinement guys.
Atleast I think so hahaha.
Morning, start with breakfast light one, followed with ginger drink.
It tastes very spicy and funny.

It is a combination of ginger, boiled with water, dates and final touch was an addition of honey for taste.
It is thick.
But right after that drinking ordeal, I would start burping gas.
Hmm, I guess it works.
Sweat the whole day.
Feel like I a, 24 hours in sauna.

Lunch: Baked chicken with loads of black pepper, ginger, tumeric, onion and garlic.
And rice.
Taste awesome, really healthy.
More sauna for me,
Black pepper is good to warm your body, to get rid of gas for you and baby as well. It is also good for headache.
Tumeric is great shrinkage your womb, to clear the vaginal discharge, blood, to heal the wound, cut, and burn fat.
It also has antiseptic effect.

Next will be 'Manjakani juice'.
Not so much of a juice. More like a juice from hell.
Weird taste. The worst ever.
Well, it is good for ladies especially the lady part.
To encourage the muscles contraction, the pelvic floor and ligaments whoch held the womb.
Great for sex life as well.
It is also an antiseptic.
I had to use the juice to wash down there as well.
This is to clean your huuhaaa from any discharges.
Another tips is you can also buy the paste one to apply on your episiotomy wound to promote healing and prevent infection.

There are many more traditional herbs and methods for ladies in confinement.
My mama learned from my late grandma.

Daun inai + kunyit hidup + black pepper-->giling.

kunyit + asam jawa + madu.

Now, they all have gone out for laksa.
I was forbidden from going out.
So here I am with my bengkung and socks lying down.
But I tell you despite the strict rules, I am really enjoying my time here in Kulim.
There is no place like home.
Home is where you are loved.

I am into modern science.
Taking Shaklee is a must.
But then, I am also being forced to eat ikan haruan ewwww scary head you got there fish.
and being forced to gobble all kind of weird juice by my mama.

Sometimes, I do things to respect others and because I love them.
As long as I am taking my collagen, vivix and postnatal Shaklee with a result of beautiful skin, I seriously am a happy person.

I am telling you that Shaklee's collagen and Vivix are my new bestfriends.
Hello bestiesss.
Don't ever leave me okay.
I love you guys.
Thank you for giving me beautiful skin.
I have never thought this day would come.
After all the ugly scar, you give me light.

Bulan ni promo Collagen tau korang.
Kalau korang nak cuba, baik bulan ni.
Kalau nak cuba sesuatu yang baru, baik beli pada yang bertauliahkan?
Nanti beli kat org lain, tetiba pm saya tanya macam mana nak mknlaaa, nak consult saya.
Sepatutnya org yg jual la consult kita. Betul tak?
Baru betul.
Tapi selalunya saya tolong juga.

Nasib baik org ckp penerangan saya mmg puas hati.
I am happy to serve.

ok can whatsapp me 012-340 0780.
Ok back to berpantang mood.
Mlmni gegar Vaganza. I sokong Faradhiya!!


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