Assalamualaikum readers DR Mummy!!


Amboi lamanya tak jumpa korang.

Siap ada org msg suh update blog lagi hehhee.

OMG!! I have so busy. Not with kids only but with my blooming business.

Alhamdulillah, my RICH YOUNG GROUP is doing so well.
Last night, I managed to close our January sale with almost RM 21 k.
Not bad for being only 4 months in the running.
I have been enjoying the monthly bonus from Shaklee and including products worth RM 3000 ++.

If you guys are interested to join my team to earn money, don't be shy, just whatsapp me at 012 3400780.
No capital needed. Just whatsapp and we will talk more.
How much bonuses to be expected?
Hmmm depends, from RM 1000 ++ to 100 000 +++ tp 900 000 ++

Okay anyway back to my usual story.
Kamelia is more than 2 months old now. So round and chubby thanks to milkbooster set from Shaklee.
Remember I have told you guys how tiny she was and how her diapers did not fit her, that I had to fold the upper part. It was loose!!
No newborn clothes fit her.
Then I decided to start back on ESP and alhamdulillah, her weight started increasing so sharply.

She was born with 2.7 kg, scrawny and by 1 month old, she reached 4.2 kg.
Every day is a blessing with her and Isabella.
I can't believe how much I love her.
It took me sometimes to bond with this one.
But that is the power of breastfeeding.
It strengthens the bond between a newborn and the mother.
She has been back to her old behavior, her quiet and calm self after the confinement.
We went to see my brother in law and he read a few thing on Camy's forehead. Since that night, she has never cry at night or anytime during the day except when she wants to be fed.
Easily quiet down and it is really just like her old behavior.
According to him, she was not disturbed but probably she has seen something when we went back to Kulim. It was after that, that she just started crying unconsolably.
It went on for 2 weeks day and night and it really drive me crazy.
Thank God it was over.

Yesterday, she wore her kakak Isabella's dress. Kakak wore at 5 months old and she wore at 2 months plus. She is longer and bigger.
What do you guys think? Does she look like me??

Her looks have changed and people say she looks like mommy:)

Isabella is 2 years and 3 months now. She enjoys her life and being an older sister now.


So that's all for now. I promise to squeeze my time between being a wife and a mommy to 2 beautiful children, being a doctor and my Shaklee's business to blog again.

Blogging is fun.
I miss it so much.


 Okay guys, gonna close my eyes and rest for a little longer since everybody in the house is still sleeping.

If you guys wanna get glowing, beautiful skin whatsapp me 0123400780.
I guarantee you will be super utterly satisfied.
peace uoll.
Until next entry. muaah.

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