Good morning.
I am going to name this Saturday, my lazy Saturday.
It was such a busy day yesterday.
My phone kept on beeping. I didn't get to answer it and patients were waiting in a long line.
I would think that Friday would be a quiet day at work, but no.

There were so many kids with viral fever these last few weeks.
It is quite worrisome.
Luckily Camy and Isabella are safe at home. If you send your children to kindy or nursery, you have to take precaution.
Viral fever had very high temperature.
The kids who came to my clinic yesterday were having 39'C of fever.
It has been going on for 5 days.
The parents have taken him to another clinic previously and he was started on antibiotic.
It didn't work.
I always tell the parents that when it comes to viral infection, antibiotic doesn't contribute to your recovery. That is why i don't bother giving antibiotic in this case.
They will come back and tell me that antibiotic didn't work.
Instead of killing the virus, the antibiotic has killed the good bacterias in your kid's body.
Bad side effect. Very bad.

I have just given you a very valueable lesson.
So please don't go badger a doctor for antibiotic by saying,'anak saya kalau tak ambil antibiotik memang tak baik'.

Sigh. You don't know how many times , thousands time, we doctors get that badgering.'It is a nuisance.
No matter what I tell these parents, they are still sticking to their decisions.
My interest is the patients and I know what is the best for my patients.
Every infection is different.
Every fever is different.
It is not from the same bugs.
Probably antibiotic worked the last time because it was a bacterial infection but now it might be a viral infection. That is why, an examination by a doctor is very imperative before starting antibiotic.

If we cannot take antibiotics, how do we get better?
Do you believe that only medicine can help recover you from any disease?
Do you know that doctors don't take medicine that much unless it is really necessary.

Do you know that we don't give our children antibiotic?
No cough syrup, no syrup for flu.

Whenever Isabella is sick, I will just monitor her temperature. If she has fever of 37.5 degree, then I would give her paracetamol. Other than that nothing else.
But I will give her daily dose of Vitamin C and Nutriferon.
These 2 supplements are created to boost our immunity.
It helps our body to create natural strong antibody.

Therefore, without medicine, she only needs to take these 2 suppplements to fight her fever and infections.

It works so fast. After 2-3 days, my children will recover from the Flu and cough.
All I gave he was a natural herbs which helped to make her immunity stronger.
IT HAS 30 sticks per box. It will last for so many months.
It is not only good for children. it is good for adults as well.
Taste like delicious snacks.

After she recovers from this, she will only need to continue once or twice in a week to protect her from any other infections.
But vitamin C, I will make sure she take it daily.

Give it when your children is having fever and they will recover faster.
When they are not sick, let them take this to further protect them from becoming sick again.

Protect yourself, protect your family before things go wrong because infections can be really fatal for us when we are unlucky.
Infections can leads to death.

Be smart like doctors.


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