I so regret joining Shaklee ....
 I am so late!!!
I should have joined Shaklee atleast 2 years ago.
I would have made it to the top by now.

These past few months, I have learned so much and I have grown even better.

If you asked me few months ago, if I would be able to sell anything....hmmm I would say probably not.

Because I have never worked as anything other than a medical doctor.
I never worked any part time job at all, I wished I did, just to gain experiences and earn my own pocket money but  sighh. .. lets just say daddy was the worrying type, the pampering type so I stayed at home and read books right after SPM and after matriculation.

These few months, exactly 4 months since I joined Shaklee and I have learned a lot and experiences a lot.
Finally I found something I might be good at, surprisingly hehehe and I am passionate about.
Now that sounded like I am not good at anything else. hehhee.
No it meant I didn't know I can do business, let alone achive Rm 21 000 of sale in a month.

The first month, in Oct my sale was RM 11 000
November, my sale was RM 10 500
December , my sale was RM 17 800
January 2016, my sale was RM 20 889.

It is like the more you sell the more excited you get.
And all those testimonies from my friends and customers about how their skins look so much better, so fair, the pores become so tiny, and how they feel energetic, no more migrains, the sugar reading has normalized for my Diabetes Mellitus patients, Subhanallah, I am seriously overwhelmed by the goodness. It makes me so happy that in some way I have helped them.
All my customers became my friends now.

Shaklee's products are excellent.
But there are so many SID out there.
How can I compete?

What can I offer which is different????

1)My knowledge.
Everytime I get a customer, I will ask the problem, the condition in details. Her background on any allergies and medical illness.
This is important as to recommend, the best supplements to cover not only what is bothering my clients, but everything else which might bother her in the future base on her condition which she might not know or understand yet.
A doctor sees things differently you see.
Therefore, my recommendation might not be exactly the same as other SID and I don't care.
Because they work besst for you and I get great feedback how my recommendations worked so well for them.
It is customized specifically for you only.
I don't google and copy others but I read and read medical journals on supplements for certain condition for example how to increase fertility with the help of supplements.

I open back medical books to find proves that this particular supplement will help this particular condition. No proof, no good.

My aim is only one. I don't want anyone to waste their money on something which doesn't benefit them.

Therefore, everytime I follow up a case, I would sweat.

I had this lady who consulted me about her daughter who had terrible migrain. So terrible that she couldn't go out without suffering on migrains later.

When I follow up her case, I was nervous. I waited for the reply quietly, sweating.

'Thank God, the child's aunt JAP migraine doctor. Thank you doctor. Aunt, uncle, son suh buy supplements tuk pulak asthma. reason and an uncle have asthma medication and asthma when touched. There are no supplements for asthma control? '

Those were the reply. And I could breathe again. Fuhh.
I was ecstatic to know that she felt better because who would want to be in pain??

2)I always offer consultation anytime anywhere.
After they become my customer, please refer to me if you have any problems.
Contact me anytime. Don't be shy about it. I will try to help you in anyway I can.
And they did. They might refer about the supplments that they bought or it might be about their children having high fever or it might be about something else. Hehehe. And I did give them my advices.
And because of this, they became my loyal customers.

3)Fast service. I will post their orders fast and they usually get them within 2 days. I hate it when I have to wait for so long for my own parcels. That is why I give fast service.

4)Surprises.They might get surprises when they open their packages. Freegifts, free vitamins, free books or anything else. I love making people happy. All my customers would snap pictures of their packages and sent to me with a big smile.

5)The packages will be wrapped nicely with a cute ribbons just so that they feel special.
They said that it felt like receiving gifts from someone. It is fun.

So these are few things that you can do for your customers.

You don't just want to be successful and rich but you want to be rich and happy.
To get that, you need to help others first. 
Be honest and give the best to everyone.
Insyaallah your wealth will come.

To be successful, you have to be courageous to try something you have never tried before and to always challenged yourself.

If you ask me last year before October, if I would sell anything, I would have said naaahhh.
I don't even know anything about Shaklee, let alone doing business with Shaklee. I would feel shy to promote to others. I would have thought that I would fail.

And now I have a team members who are actively doing business together.
We discuss from time to time  on how to strengthen our position and reach targets.
This is where we share knowledges and tips.

I would like to openly invite anyone regardless education background to join my team Rich Young Group to earn your first income.
You don't have to be a housewife to be in Shaklee.
We have so many doctors, pharmacist and professionals in our team who are actively sharing the goodness on Shaklee.
You are welcome to join us.
For housewife who wishes to earn side income at home, you are welcome as well.

It is fine if you have no clue or knowledge about Shaklee or how to start because I will help you and guide you.
It is going to be fun.
Posted out today's parcels worth RM 4000.

I gained muscles packing these heavy supplements.
But had fun doing it.

Look who  I found today..

Met this kakak Azian, a talented singer from the recent Gegar Vaganza. She has been my patient and I have been treating her children for sometime without my knowledge.
I didn't remember her even when I see her on tv.
So tonight when she came inside my room, I frowned and seriously thinking, 'I have seen this lady somewhere. But where??? Gosh. I know this lady. But who is she? Is she my patients??'

She saw my big wrinkles on the forehead and she laughed out loud.


Then, it snapped,' Eh kak ni bukannnnnnnn yg Gegar Vaganza ke??'

Kak Azian nodded and smiled wide.

'Laa Kak Azian to', I said.

Then I asked her for a wefie lerr. Ape lagi.hehehe.

Okay, I am sleepy now. It is 2 a.m.

I had to stay up to blog because day time means no time for me.

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Good night. Tata.


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