Beauty tips to get gorgeous flawless skin like the Koreans..

I am a forever fan of Han drama. I watches too much of Korean drama since medical school until now.
It is my addiction.
I always go oo aaahhh looking at their flawless skin.

One day, I went to Korea.
Those skin were real alright.
Every young lady has the most beautiful, glowing skin ever. It was soft, fair and gorgeous.
I was the only one with bad skin on the train.
I felt like dying!!!
I was the only monster on the train.
How could life be so cruel to me, so unfair.

It has been my dream to have a beautiful skin just like theirs.

I have been studying their beauty regime for so long.
I realized that they really put a lot of effort on their beauty regime.

Now, I wish to share with you tips to get flawless skin, the Korean's style.

1)To drink lots of water--> You need to drink atleast 3 litres of plain water per day to keep your skin cells fresh and moist.

You can see the difference at a cell level.

Our target is, a beautiful fresh and moist skin.

So drink a lot of plain water.

2)Get enough beauty sleep of 8 hours to prevent water retention and to provide enough time for night time repair.
People lack of sleep age faster due to interrupted night time repairing.

3)Make up removal.
If you use make up, even powder, you have to remove them at the end of the day.

This is very important because it can clog the pores and lead to pimples.

I like to use Nutriwhite make up removal.

Wherever I travel, I have to have this with me.
It gives my skin instant glow.
When you are expose to the sun after a day outside, your skin tends to get sticky, oily and dull.
I will just dab small amount on both cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.
Using dry palms I will apply them on my dry face.
Yes DRY!
NO water.
Then I will rub every spot on my face until squeaky clean.
You will get some debries on your fingers.
They feel rubbery and that is the magic to this product.
It removes dead skin fast!!
Rinse your face now.
You will see instant result.
Clean, fresh, glowing skin.
The best product ever.

4)Double cleansing.
The Korean ladies, they cleanse their face twice to thrice at one time. They take like 10 minutes to clean their faces.
How long do you guys take?
We have to be meticulous to make sure no trace of dirt and dust are left on the skin.
If you cleanse thoroughly, you will get beautiful, pimple free skin.

This is my favourite cleanser. I only need a very tiny amount to cleanse my entire face. It produces lots of foam.
It leaves my skin fresh and clean. It is safe for allergic and sensitive skin.
1 bottle will last me for  a year.

5)Always moisturize your skin.

Korean women like to spray essence on their face. It keeps the skin hydrated and fresh.
An essence is liquid base product filled with nutrients for your skin. It is very light and rapidly absorbed.
It is the secret to a youthful looking skin.
Korean ladies swear by this.
If you watch Korean drama, you will see them spraying this essence to their faces from time to time.

Daily defense whitening essence is water base product. I really like how thin and unsticky it is. I will just apply on my skin and it immediately disappeared.
No sticky face. No need to rub for so long.
Love it!!!
It gives instant boost on my skin.
I nticed that since using this essence, my skin becomes even better than before.
It looks even softer and fairer.

My husband loves this too. He has very oily skin with breakouts so any cream can cause serious acne to him.
That is why he doesn't use moisturiser at all.
He tried so many brands but they would cause instant breakouts for him.
No moisturizer means his skin became too dry.
He had to apply vitamin E masker and take vitamin E daily.
But still, he needs moisturizer.

Thankfully, finally he has found the right product. This daily defense does not cause any breakout for him and he secretly loving it.
Stealing my essence everytime!!

6) Remember to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Use SPF lotion everyday even if you don't go out. Even by staying indoor, you will still be exposed to sunlight and the dangerous  uv.
Sunlight is a very bad source of ageing.
It can also lead to skin cancer and wrinkles.

So SPF sunscreen is a must.
This water base sunscreen just like the essence I mentioned earlier, non sticky and rapidly absorbed into my skin.
I love it. It keeps my skin soft, fair and moist.
Seriously, my skin become fairer after using this Nutriwhite set.

7) Use masker.
Mask is like a skin treatment where you supply every nutrient needed to build a beautiful skin.
It boost your skin condition.

I use Vitamin E masker from Shaklee.
I will apply this on my skin before going to bed. After 2 hours, I will use toner to remove the outer layer and keep the trace on my skin. Let it absorb into my skin overnight.
The next morning, I will wake up tp fresh, dewy looking skin.
Try this.
It has to be the best masker ever.

8)Overnight renewal cream

On the day that I am not using masker, I will use Nutriwhite overnight renewal cream. This cream comes in a big case and you will only need a small amount of it to apply on your skin.
Just rub it gently on your skin before bed.
It will help regenerate new skin cells.
This is the secret to a very fair beautiful skin.
You will get rid of the sunburn so fast by using this night cream.
It keeps you looking younger every day.

Korean women always keep their skin moisturized and glowing. They use 10 creams in a day. It takes time but they are very committed to taking care of their skin.

That is how you will get beautiful skin. You have to be very disciplined and patient.
You do not skip the regime or else you will regret it.

9) Eye treatment/ cream.

The skin around the eyes are the most sensitive and the thinnest part of the skin.
Thus, it needs to be taken care properly. Apply cream gently around this area. Use only 1 finger technique.

10) Supplements your skin with the best nutritions to keep your skin beautiful from inside and youthful looking.

I was watching a Korean drama earlier and I have noticed how the Koreans believe in supplements for  health. They use tonic, capsules and tablets as well just like us.
The lady in the drama was trying to conceive so she was taking this set of fertility  supplements to help her conceive.
So the Koreans really believe in supplements.

For me I will only use Shaklee because it is the best.
It is by far superior than any other brands. It is safe and green.
So, how can I choose any other??
As a doctor it is against my work ethic to recommend products which I doubt the safety, to others.
Our motto is to do no harm.
That is why, I will not promote any product which I doubt or I know for sure that it has dangerous chemical content.

So 10 steps to looking gorgeous the Korean way.

Trust me. Apply all these and you will be so glad to finally find your inner beauty.
After so long, I finally am proud of my skin. Thanks to Shaklee.

Okay guys, got to sleep now.


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