What did you guys do last weekend?
I took a long break and went to Malacca for a short getaway with all my in laws.
We stayed in The Mahkota  Hotel. It was an apartment, very spacious, very comfortable.
Located in the centre of the Malacca city.

It was raining daily but we managed to take a walk at the Dataran Pahlawan and bought some souvenirs from Jonker Walk.

Malacca is special. It has the feel of Penang.
However, my husband and I have to agree that taking a toddler and a baby for a holiday is super exhausting.
Isabella is on the active side these days. Not the hyperactive one but still she can make us change her clothers for like 3-4x in a day. She spilled the food in an attempt to feed herself, or she spill the mineral water by accident.
Finally on our way home, we have no more pants for her.
I wonder how are we going to survive taking her to Japan for winter holiday.
This year, we are going to visit Japan in winter.
I will be arranging for my husband's family to join us.
It is going to be super fun.
Isabella will enjoy snow with her cousins.
She is at an age where she likes to play with friends.
Her cousins are becoming her besties now.
Kids learn so much through socializing.
That is why I always encourage her being with her cousins.

This is Camy on my sister in law's lap.
Hehehe you know why I am so glad that they are coming right??
They will help me with my kids hahha.
Isabella will be engrossed with her cousins and will not cause much problems. hehehe.

During our recent Malacca trip, my husband and I had so much talk on expanding our businesses. So this is how it feels to have your husband as your partner.
Previously we never talked about work because our fields are just so different. We will just confuse each other hahaha. Or confuse me more. I don't really understand the terms he use  at work.
As our businesses are expanding, we always discuss how to improve and how to market our products better.
It is so much fun doing this together.
We have a new project coming soon. hehehe.
Eventhough we are so busy now but I am enjoying this.
Busy is the new happy:)
My new assistant:)

Previously, I was busy for others, now I am busy for my own businesses which is even more worth it.

Okay I leave you guys with a picture of Camy sleeping.
Have a good day:)


  1. thought i saw you at jonker street last Sunday. Igtkan pelanduk dua serupa. It was a hot rainy hot rainy hot rainy day and I can imagine the lecehness of the weather with a baby and a toddler on tow...

    1. hah you did? It was such a funny weather. I wished it wasn't raining that much because we didn't get to see so many things in malacca. Even we spent such short time in Jonker walk. Tak puas gilerrr!!


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