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Have you ever felt like you are looking for the best skincare and the best supplements for your skin??
But you just haven't found them yet.

If you have been following my blog for some time, you would know that I like to do reviews on beauty products and especially collagen.

Why are the beauty companies crazy about this?

Collagen is located in your skin. It structurized your skin and support it.

So as you can see from the above picture, collagen is the one that supports your skin.
Lack of collagen cause the skin to be weak and unfirm.

From the above picture, you can see that after the age of 30, your collagen level starte depleting.

It is due to the lifestyle, ageing process and sun exposure.
We cannot escape this process. 
As we age, our body produce less collagen while the enzymes in our body continue to break the collagen in the skin and body, causing our skin to lose its firmness, become thin and form wrinkles.

Thus, looking older than our real age.

Now you understand the important of Collagen.

So you understand why I have always tried different brands of Collagen in the past.

It is because this collagen is the secret to looking youthful, beautiful, glowing, fair and firm again.


Okay, now that you understand what is Collagen, I would like to share food to boost your collagen level in the body.

Do you know that despite the commercialiazed collagen in the market, promoting collagen from fruits and vegetables, the best source of collagen is from fish.


Don't you wonder why the South Korean, Japanese eat so much fish, tuna, mackerel, salmon, snapper and they always look so youthful.

It is because these deep sea fish is the source of high collagen.

Not fruits, or vegetables!!

So, start eating fish!!

2)PROTEIN-->CHICKEN, MEAT AND EGG WHITE are another source of Collagen.
However, I don't recommend eating so much meat due to high cholesterol.

Thus the best is from fish.


The red color vegetables such as pepper, tomatoes, red capsicum helps with sun protection.
If you want to increase collagen  supply by eating fish or taking collagen drink, you wouldn't want the sun to start damaging it. So protect your skin fast.


Fruits with high content of vitamin C is great for conversion to collagen form.
That is why, when drinking collagen product, I always advise taking it with juice to activate collagen formation fast.


These are the best antioxidant  food. Antioxidant wards of free radicals which cause cells damage and leads to ageing.

Soy milk, cheese or tofu. These food blocks ageing.
Soy contains genistein, a plant hormone which blocks the enzyme that can age skin.
It also work as antioxidant for youthful looking skin.


Carrots and sweet potatoes are rich with vitamin A which restores and regenerate damaged collagen.


Beans contain hyaluronic acid which is a vital anti ageing substance. It holds water that plump your skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.


They are rich with omega-3-fatty acid which is essential for collagen formation in the skin and connective tissues and at the same time, it prevents skin cancer.
Omega-3-fatty acid cannot be produced in our body. It has to be taken through food.

Okay now that you understand the best food for collagen, you should know the best ingredients to make a collagen drink.

It has to be from protein such as fish, meat or chicken, contains vitamin C and fruits.

If a Collagen drink is fully made from fruits and vegetables, you know they actually don't contain collagen but containing vitamins to activate collagen in our body.
However, if the main problem is collagen depletion, how fast can you activate the collagen when the level is going down????


That is why some collagen drinks work at first and later on stop working.
It actually needs a source of collagen to be topped up inside our body.

Why don't they just add collagen inside those drinks??

Because these deep sea fish are expensive. Have you seen how much a real tuna would cost you? The red snapper??

That is why collagen drinks are expensive.





1)It is made from fish, deep sea fish, red snapper to be exact.

It is a mixture of fish and fruits, seeds, vitamins for skin and  probiotics to strengthen skin texture (yougurt).

Contains 4000 mg of Collagen!!!
Which means it does not only activate collagen in our body like the other brands but it provides a natural source of Collagen into our body,
The amount of Collagen inside is by far the highest in comparison to other brands.
But fret not, it is safe. Why? Because it is from fish, it is natural and feels like you are just eating fish.
Does eating fish burden your kidneys?

The molecules are so small that it will get adsorbed so fast into your skin and connective tissues.
It can even escape digestion.

This is by far the tiniest collagen powder in comparison to other collagen brands in market.

How effective is it?

Very much.

When I first tried it, I saw the result in just 3 days!!!

The fastest I have seen so far.
The best thing is, it never stops working. The longer I have been using this collagen, the better my skin gets.

No need to cover my skin with make up anymore. The skin tone is just almost perfect. My scars are barely seen and my skin becomes so firm, elastic and fair.
So if you are looking for the best collagen, the one that will reduce the size of your pores, lighten your skin color naturally, gives you a pinkish glow, this is the one for you.

You can see the result within the first 2 weeks already.

I am in my 3rd box now and I have to confess that I am so obsess with this.
It is too good for me.

You know how I wish for beautiful skin all those years right??


My customers have been using for only a week and were so thrilled with the effects.

User of Collagen Shaklee without make up.
No filter as well.
Bare face.
You can see how much her skin has changed, 360 degrees right? hehehe.

Okay, that's all for today.

For orders of Shaklee, whatsapp me at
DR MUMMY 012-3400780
fb:Hasifah Mohd Yusof



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