My Dream Comes True

       I will never forget the first time I held my baby in my arms. It was such a magical moment where I had all this maternal unconditional love rushing into me out of nowhere. I have always been a romantic. At a young age I started reading novels, love stories, day dreaming. To the extend that all my English homework essays, tests, exams were love stories. Such a big dreamer and of course the stories were very romantically loved an unrealistic but nevertheless very very sweet. I had my SPM english teacher asking my friends to read the essays as an example. Back then, my dream was simple. When I grow up, I will have a good job that I love and which also pay well. I would find my soul mate, a man who would love and cherish me and we would live happily ever after. Thats it. Simple dream. After years, let me fast forward the story, I have a good job and I found my soul mate. We have a wonderful life. I didn't think about having children so soon as they were not part of my early dreams. When I found out that I was carrying a child, a flicker of hope peeked into my heart and it nurtured with the growth of my womb. A hope so big that it became a dream. A dream so wide that it overwhelm us. And the moment I held Isabella Hani in my arms, I felt content, so complete, happiness beyond my imagination, something I've never felt before. I guess only mothers would understand what I am talking about. And from that moment I know that this is actually my biggest dream, the dream which actually matter most. Finally, I found the treasure that I've been searching for all these time. My baby is my dream comes true

Isabella Hani bt Iskandar Zulkarnain
1 hour post delivery..

3rd day of life..good baby

first smile an laughter to mommy:)

Now she will look at u in the eyes when u talk to her...following the development milestones.proud mommy:)


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