Prone to Injury

We mothers are prone to injury. Why? Because we are just too efficient and competent.

There are 24 hours in a day and trust me when I say 24hours are too short for us with a baby or a kid. Imagine trying to fit all the tasks in that short period plus minus cooking and cleaning the house. No wonder we endanger ourselves and those around us.

Last week, I finished hanging all my laundry very early in the morning as I needed to mop the floor. Done. Pheww!! Cooking lunch! done.

Okay baby is calling for me. She was a bit cranky as she has a cold. So, I had to run between cooking and comforting her. My room was upstairs. Trust me, it can burn fat. That was how I lost 2 kg in 3 days which is usually impossible.

I was running down the stairs and into the kitchen when suddenly paaaangggg!! Gosh I forgot that I mopped the floor and it was still wet. ain my attempt to be a superwoman or the flash, I managed to do a split in the kitchen. 

Dangerous!! I could have torn my legs into 2. Can I still be a doctor if I have 1 leg? I guess it is possible and I can use that excuse to move slower and be less active or maybe say to go for lunch as I am now an OKU. No more missing breakfast and lunch for me. Yeay!!

Well, since nobody was around to help me get up, I had to bring myself up and clean up the mess. Now I am carrying a big swell and bruise on my calf. Not to mention, my pride is bleeding.

Ya ya with the pain, I will lose a little bit of my past sin. Wipe the tears and self pity. hahahaha Ok time to go. Makcik konet ni tetiba terjerit masa tdo. I swear she has these nightmares since her admission to the ward. She got so many jab that she gets jittery at times. Org tua-tua panggil 'lemah semangat'. Dem the needles. It would be a short cry but so loud. I just need to call her name and pat her thigh. Amd if that doesn't calm her, this will... rain kisses on her and she will become settled. Good:)



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