Travelling on Malindo Airline

We have finally arrived!!Phewww.

How did I survive flying with an infant alone? Hmmm.

I breastfed Isabella until she was full before we embarked on the plane. 
She fell asleep.

They let us in first as I was carrying an infant. A man asked me how old Isabella is. He was also another passenger around late 30s. He has a son who is 1 year old. He was giving me tips about flying with a baby. He said to breastfeed the baby during take off and landing to ease the pressure in the ear. Good idea.

We entered through the connector to the plane. It was a new plane and spacious.
I got a window seat.
The flight was a full house.

Isabella was given an extra belt attached to me.

Yupp!!she slept the whole time from take off to landing , till we reach home. I was carrying her on my lap.

I just love flying. It is the closest you can to be a bird.

The plane has a monitor filled with movies, drama, games,cartoons etc for you and your kids.
They also provide you free mineral water and a pack of biscuit.

So to those who don't wish to spend extra on the food can enjoy this for free. Furthermore, the flight took around 1 hour so you don't really need the meal.

I love the flight attendant's uniform. They wear 'kebaya nyonya' and batik. They look beautiful and traditional in comparison to Air Asia flight attendant's outfit. 

Malindo girls are also sweeter and gentler in comparison.

They give you 15kg for baggage free of charge and you can check in the baggages. Unlike Air Asia where you have to buy for check in baggage.
So basically, Isabella is my only hand carry.

Plus the price was way cheaper.
I paid RM163 for one way with infant when Air Asia was RM 181 without the choosing seat or the baggage. Which means the cost would be more.

We landed at the KLIA which means no walking in the hot sun like in the LCCT. Great for bringing kids or babies.

Still, I had to walk quite a distance to the luggage claim carrying a 5kg baby. Pheww!!
A girl saw me struggling to pull the trolley while holding Isabella and she helped me. Very thoughful of her. 

I had 3 luggages which are my small luggage, Isabella Nike bag and a car seat.
A Pakistan man who stood next to me waiting for his baggages helped carry my stuff and placed them on the trolley.
Very kind person.
I thanked him and waved goodbye.

In a nutshell, you can travel with a baby alone on an airplane but it is a bit tricky as you need more hands to handle the trolley and to lift the bags. Unless you wear your baby.

I am so proud of Isabella during the entire journey. She is and always remain a good baby.
Now, since you have passed the test, we can take you travelling with us:)

This is her favourite sleeping position, hand under the chin.


  1. Just wondering how did you package your car seat for check in?


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