What to do if your baby has a cold

Recently Isabella caught a cold. She was coughing and had a runny nose.
I didn't take her to the clinic as I am a doctor myself.
After all, she cannot take medication for cold at this young age. Not to worry because it will pass away on its own. Besides, she has been breastfed so lets test her immunity.
If she is strong enough, she won't develop complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis and so on.

This is also a way for her body to train the immunity system to be stronger.
(without the help of meds)

Usually, a cold is not a serious thing. However, we still have to monitor them as they are very young and the condition can go wrong very easily.

So, the first thing to remember is to always check her condition, such as is she having a fever? If she does, how high?

Isabella didn't have a fever. However, whenever her head felt hot, I placed a wet cloth on the forehead and wiped her neck. She slept better after that.

A body temperature that is too hot is not comfortable as much as too cold.

See if she can drink milk. If she can drink milk, no vomiting, that means she is doing fine.
If she can't take the milk, she will become weaker and dehydrated. Her body won't be able to fight the disease.

Is she active or weak?
If she seems very weak, eyes sunken, dehydrated, then you need to take her to see a doctor. Se kight need and IV line for hydration.

Isabella was doing fine. She snorted often because of her runny nose and cough with phlegm. I know she felt uncomfortable as she got whinny at times.
I bought a nasal aspirator for her mucus. Whenever I see it to be too much, I would suck it out using the aspirator. She breathed well after that.

I also used eucalyptus oil which I bought from Mothercare. This oil is very good for wind, abdominal discomfort and for cold. Besides, it has an antibacterial effect.

I dropped the oil in a hot steamy water and placed it on a side table near Isabella. The room was filled with the smell and Isabella seemed more comfortable. I like the smell of it.

I also applied baby balm on her back and chest. I rubbed them and pat her back softly to help the removal of her phlegm. It was like a physiotherapy which I learned in the hospital. 
The balm is actually written there for baby more than 3 months old. I tested a little bit on Isabella and she didn't have any skin reaction. So I used a little bit in her.

Whenever I breastfeed her, I would applied some Vic around the areola so that she can breath it in.
It will make it easier for her to drink with all the congestion.

You can also use nasal spray or you can add a little bit of salt in a sterile water and drop them into the baby's nose. The will help with the congestion. However, nasal spray cannot be overuse as they have several sideeffects on the nasal mucosa.

Day 4, she has a little bit of diarrhea. Her stool was a little watery, greenish. It is actually often that baby gets diarrhea after a cold. This is because of viruses which can cause flu and diarrhea at the same time. For babies and children, they never removed their mucous and will probably swallow them leading to the development of diarrhea.

So which means, she needs to be breastfed more and to be monitored more. Keep them hydrated until the diarrhea pass.

I breastfeed her often and let her sleep a lot. She needs rest to fight the virus away. I raised the head higher to help her breathe easily.

From time to time I would check her temperature.

I made sure she that wore pant and socks amd sleep with a blanket. This I judge through her clinical condition. 

Whenever, she coughed, I would raise her head and patted her back.

Day 5, she was almost well. She coughed less and no more runny nose. 
Now, after 6 days, she has won the battle. Great job immunity. I love you.

Playing again.

Very happy

Still chubby as always.

So these are the things you should watch out whenever you baby or child is sick. Be patience, monitor and not to panic.

I have seen so many parents bringing their babies to the clinic. The mother got the infection from her baby. They were both having fever. She was wrapped up in a sweater while her baby was in a babysuit without pant or socks. I could see the mucous running down the baby's nose. Bad mistake.

So I advised her to cover up the baby saying,'If you have a fever and a cold, you would wrap yourself with warm clothes and socks, your baby need the same thing. She shouldn't go outside in the night like this. She will get better faster if she is well-clothed.

By the way the baby was 3 months old.

So remember, it is just common sense. I didn't scold her. I just advised her nicely. I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose:)


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