Family Time

                    The last week, it was all about spending time with family. Hubby finished his tour from last week but he still has some editing need to be supervised at the office in Damansara.

                      So many things have passed. I was still running between work and being a mommy.
                     We took turn to babysit Isabella if one of us was not working.
                     Spend time at Ikea for lunch and to get few stuff for the house.
                      I'm so loving the family time.

                      Planned our Europe trip this year. Hubby has finally gave the green light for me to buy the ticket. We actually planned to buy them in June because the trip will be in autumn, November.
However, we came across a promo tickets for Qatar airways recently. It got me all excited. However, the sale will end by 19 Jan 2014. Which means we had to buy it. You can still check

It costs us RM4128 3 tickets to and fro from KuL-Geneva Switzerland.
Super saver right??

I'm planning for more than 2 weeks trip to Switzerland-Italy-England-Amsterdam-Paris. Next step will be to buy train tickets and flight tickets from one country to another, and to book the accomodations.

                      Then, I caught a fever. Still feeling drowsy and weak. Luckily, hubby is here to help with Isabella. He bathed her, changed her and dressed her up. Thank you syg.
                      We made breakfast together today.
                      I added a healthy smoothies for both of us.


               It contains banana, strawberries, peanut butter, milk and oat.
                Pack with vitamins and nutrients.
                After breakfast, we hanged laundry and change the bedsheet together.


                 Isabella is loving daddy and daughter's time while we watch Mimbar Pencetus Ummah.
                 What a program. A good way to spend the weekend.

                  Isabella just love when we selawat with the nasyid team. She started making sounds. Maybe she wanted to say the selawah with us.

                  After this we will be visiting my MIL at LBJ. It takes about 40 mins from our house. We'll stay overnight there. My husband's sibblings will gather which means a lot of stories to talk about. Super fun family catching up days.



                     Wishing everyone a happy weekend:)



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