Watching the seed become a flower

Having a baby is like having a flower seed and plant it, water it and watch it grows.
That is how it feels like...
Teaching Isabella to be communicative:-
I always talk to Isabella. My sentences would be short such as 'Baby, milk?'
'Want milk?'
everytime before breastfeeding.
I want her to learn nouns.

'Baby, mommy, daddy'.

I would repeat this again and again while she stared at my lips studying their movements and listening attentively.
I would wait for her response. She would answer by smiling and 'ohoooo, haaaaa, heeee,huuuu'.

My husband does the same thing. We would say every word loud and clear near her ears and wait for her response.

We said,'Imagine if she would say daddy back'.
Mau terkejut beruk kita hahahaha.

Isabella's flashcards lessons continue as usual. This time it is more exciting as I can see her preference, the animal cards more than the objects.

Her favourite cards are dogs, rabbit and ball.

She is 3 months old now.
People say she talks a lot and very friendly. She meets the eyes of strangers and grin or smile. If anyone engage her on a conversation, she would respond easily with her baby talk.

Favourite cartoons will be Mickey Mouse and Pocoyo.
Favourite lullabies are Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle twinkle little star.
These days, she can roll from lying sideways to lying prone and supine. We are more careful with the bed borders by placing pillows.
She was lying on her side facing me in the afternoon, when daddy called her from behind. She grinned wide and lied supine facing her daddy.
Very responsive and communicative little baby.

We call her our little gymnast because whenever daddy hold her into a flying position, she would straighten her body and legs. These days, her arms would wave while daddy hold her in the same position as if she was really flying.

While breastfeeding, she would hold my tshirt away from her face.
She can control her palms and fingers now, always running them on my face, placing her little palm on my lips, cheeks and nose and grab them in her hand.
And she can laugh loud too.

Each day she does something new to tickle us.
She is just perfect.
Our little angel is a blessing to our live.
I wonder what surprises she has instored for us..

Sleep well baby girl..


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