Hunting for baby Daycare..

Today, we went to survey daycare or taska for Isabella.

Since we live in Precint 15, we headed to Taska Vonad P15. It was a fullhouse. Not to mention very crowded an noisy.

Next place, we went to REAL Kids Precint 8. Very cute building, quiet and comfortable. There were 10 babies with 3 teachers. No more vacancy for Isabella.
So sad. However the fees are quite spectacular. Full day care RM950/monthly and year fees RM 2470.
For a half day care RM 550/month and year fees additional RM 1670.

Frustrated as our hunting give us no luck so we went for lunch at Sharin Low Chinese Muslim in Cyberjaya. Hubby will be going to the office afterwards.

For now, we are looking for a babysitter who will take care of Isabella at her home. Preferably makcik yang belum jaga budak lagi. Area putrajaya.

Anyone knows something, please do inform me. 

I cannot take Isabella to work eventhough that idea seems very delicious.


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