How guys handle hectic life

Lunch hour..
Hubby called. He came back early from the hospital with Isabella. He is going to cook for lunch. So, I should have lunch at home.
So, off I went home.

Weird thing, the his house key was at the door outside and the door was locked from inside. Hmm, maybe he was at the back of the house that was why he left the key at the door. So, I called him. Silence.

I opened the door and pulled his key, went up the stairs. There he was in our bedroom. So, I asked,' Why is your key at the door outside of the house?'

His reaction was dubious, blurr and stunt.
Haaa! really?
I left it outside?

And he continued, I made lunch but I burned the chicken because the baby was crying. I'm sorry.

My answer was,'It's okay as long as it is eadable'.

Poor baby, Isabella bullied him. She didn't sleep at all the whole morning till 1 p.m. She drank 2 more bottles of milk.

I fed her medicine, breastfed her and off she went to her lalaland.

Hubby said, 'Thank God. I'm exhausted'.


When we woman juggle our hectic live, they will never be as bad as the men.

So I asked,' Which one do you prefer, be a stay home dad or being at work?'

His answer was quick,' be at work'.

I know. It is less exhausting to be at work but it gives more pleasure to be with the baby.

I can see honey that you are having a tough day.

Thank you for doing this:)


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