My boring time

Today is a wonderful day.
Because I am off work.
A whole day with Isabella.
Sadly hubby has to work so today is mommy'a turn to babysit.

And clean the house. I think it has been almost 5 days since my last laundry day.
The big black laundry bag from Ikea is full.

Now that laundry is done, house has been cleaned, vacummed and mopped, it was time to be with my baby. 

She was watching the mickeymouse club while hubby cooked koey teow and mommy doing some cleaning.

Daddy managed to bath her before he went to work. Thank you honey.

So it was time for flash cards and story reading.

Trying to flip the page.

Finally, baby is napping so mommy has time to be bored. Tomorrow is another busy day. But for no I am loving  my 'boring time',


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