So call the unconventional way of parenting

I had a very high fever lastnight 38.6'C. It was the worst fever ever. My whole body was aching. So weak and cold. I thought I was dying or having a dengue fever.

I was feeling better in the morning so I called mama to ask if she cooked something so that we can enjoy free food. We talked about my fever and all.

After Friday's prayer, my father called me saying that he heard I was having Dengue fever. He wanted to buy crab to make crab soup.
I told him were at Sg Wang plaza.

Aik dah berjalan dah?Baik dah latu, he said.

Hubby said he wanted to check out a beauty salon. He found out from Elfira and the reviews were excellent. He has sunburn which needed to be cleared out.

The place was called JWC. At first hubby went and do it. I walked around with Isabella in her stroller. Then, she dozed off. So, I decided to try the facial too.
6 sessions for RM 750 which means for 1 session, RM 150. Normal price is RM 250 for 1. So we took the package offered.

Isabella was sleeping in her stroller with the Chinese auntie keeping a watch on her. The place was small so I could hear her as the treatment room was just next to the counter. They didn't close the curtains. I joined on a bed next to hubby's.

Auntie Lily's cleansed my face and then she helped to clear out all the stubborn black head. Trust me when I said she is a pro. I've tried so many professional salon. Such as Dermalogica, CN beauty and others. Some of them removed the bump but most refused because it can cause scar or worsen the acne. If you are lacking in skills, it can cause swelling, redness, scar and even worse a big zit on your face after the facial. 

I braced myself for the pain to come. She poked there and here. No pain at all. She didn't even squeeze hard. In fact, she got all the blackheads removed. My face was not so bad so she didn't spend so much time squeezing the heads out.

The aroma was great. They sucked out the dead cells and used infrared to activate the skin cells regeneration.

I saw hubby's face after they cleaned his mask. Wow!! so much better. It was clearer and brighter. No more dull skin. Thank God.

Isabella woke up after half an hour of sleep. Luckily she didn't cry. So they commented how she was so well behaved, very smiley and all. She makes sound too much. She is very calm and cheerful.

Then, she got bored in the stroller so i asked them to pass her to me. So she lied on my tummy while they slap a masker on me. She was very pleased. 

She sat on my tummy

Is she the first baby that visited your salon? i asked.

'No she is not,' they answered.

There was another baby but she wasn't like this. She cried a lot.

'Did you smile a lot when you were pregnant?Were you so happy?That is why your baby is so nice',she asked.

She was so stunt looking at her daddy when she came in..

Hubby on masker..

They told me Elfira started her treatment since the age of 12 years old.

On our way out, we met Jibam from Oh My English. His skin used to be very bad. It is clear now. I didn't know who he was until hubby told me later. Okay whatever.

Owh and my skin is soft,smooth and fair after the treatment. No redness or bump at all. 

Hubby said,'why is your skin even fairer, looking much better. Now I am jealous'.

We are coming again!!!!

Thank God baby understood her parents need of beauty treatment.

This is so unconventional way of parenting.. hahaha


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