Wherever life takes you, friends are forever with you

                  Yesterday was a good day out.
We had a get together my friends and I. Once in a while, we would find the time for a meet up.
It would be the best time of our live and how we wish that the time would happen quite more frequent.
Almost impossible.

We are always busy with live and careers.

We used to be in the same classes in high school. Then, the friendship continued in Penang Matriculation, Medical School in Russia until these very moment.

We were single.

Then, everyone got married.

Now, whenever we meet up, it was like a nursery. Everyone having a baby or two, to tend to. Havoc!

My friend the MUA, Shazreeyana had a makeup job in Senawang, so she booked a water chalet room at the Lexis PD for 2 nights. She invited our friend, Dr Cud  who has just completed confinement for her second baby girl in Kedah and returning to Seremban where her husband is residing and working, for a sleepover.

My husband and I as usual will visit my MIL in Nilai for weekend so we will head to PD on Saturday afternoon first.

They were 5 of us and each one with our partners and babies forming a group of 10 adults.

Our men were dragged with us too often that they became fast friend and these days, we would naturally form 2 groups, the ladies and the gentlemen. We ladies hanged out in the room switching between 2 beds to nurse our babies, patted them to sleep while exchange stories. 3 months of stories.
The gentlemen showed themselves the balcony, chilling on the lazy chair facing the sea, also exchanging their stories with different theme from ours.

Basically, everyone got to chill out, pretending to be single and young again.

During the school days, the 3 of us, Cud, Yana and me, thought that we wanted to become a doctor when we grow up. We went to medical schools but only Cud and I continued with the profession.

Yana found a bigger interest. She was always interested in grooming since high school. Nowadays she is an MUA in demand in her own right generating enough income to splendour herself with designers handbags. You can follow her Make up page by Shazreeyana in instagram and fb. Despite many would raise their eyebrows to her choice of career instead of completing her medical degrees, she has proven herself that she can be succesful as long as she believes in herself and putting hard work. She wasn't scared to pursue her dream.

From right Farah (Yana's pretty sister also MUA), little Rania Zara (Yana's tod), Yana and me

Madam Saeidah zaki (lecturer) and Dr Cud

When we started out in schools, little that we know, we would be friends forever.

29 years old and the relationship is still going strong. More fabulous years to come and more vacation plan in the future.

Having a strong group of friends behind your back will keep your life exciting and meaningful.

Here to a successful and beautiful life. May life bring the most fruitful gifts and may this friendships never stop growing:)



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