The Lucky Traveller

Why do I say that Iam my husband's manager??

This is why...

After he came back from his trip around Malaysia, he told me,'Sayang, kalau I kena pergi Bosnia Herzegovinia macam mana?'

Me:When?How long? What??

Turn out he is going in March with his friends for dramas' shooting and a documentary about Muslims in Bosnia.
Exciting right?
Very informative.
So what came to mind when somebody said Bosnia?
Of course the Bosnian and Serbian war which occurred when we were little or some of you might not being born yet.
The war was ruthless and brutal.
I wonder if they managed to rebuild the country back.
Hmm, I never thought about visiting Bosnia Herzegovinia.

Hello mr google. Thank you for always be there.
Hubby?He doesn't know too but what does he care. I will google and let him know. He knows that.hahaha

Bosnia Herzegovinia is one of the most beautiful country in Europe.It is when east meet west.
Apart from its unique history, the country owns a very breathtaking  nature.
Do you know that Ottoman Empire had conquered Bosnia-Herzegovinia before?
When a country was invaded, they bring the culture too which enriched the country more.

Here are what I found out. Hubby is going during springtime and the weather will be between 4-15'C. I'm sure it's gonna be pretty windy but the sunlight in spring is like God-blessed. You know. when God grace us with a sunlight on our face and the wind blow the hair. You feel the breeze on your body as you stroll in the park, while the birds chirping high up the tree. The flowers bloom smiling, the leaves waved greeting you as you passed by.
Yepp! You guess it, spring is my favourite time of the year.
It is the time when I feel so alive, thankful to be here basking in Allah's Gift to human kinds.
And it is also the time when we changed the dark coats to the new colourful trench coat and new boots, new handbags new everything.
Arrgh!! I so wanna go back there.
Ok Cip come back to earth!!!

See the handwriting? bocka. It is in Russian. The poster is also Russian.
However, the youngsters can speak English and some people can speak German.

I love old buildings!!! Red roof is so Roman or Prague.

Old bridge. So medievel. Hubby is one lucky dude to travel free of charge.
Usually when he does documentary like this, he will learn so many things and I can't wait to drill the infos from him.

Cost of living is cheap. The Bosnians are famous for being hospitable.
It is a country the most visited these days.

I should have studied film than medicine.
Can you imagine me holding the big camera and carrying it in town?
Or travelling in a van from one place to another?
No thank you.
I rather sleep at home.

Have fun lucky people!

P/s this is why I am his personal assistant/manager because I does everything for him, even researches for his projects.Hmmm, love beats it all right??


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