Are they treating our child well in nursery/kindergarten??This isworking parent main worry these days.

Lagi-lagi masalah taska or pengasuh.


This is a very sensitive topic to me now that I have a little baby.
I am terrified of letting her go.
To the extend that I am carrying her with me every where I go. Well, I am not carrying her literaly.
I just take her to work instead of leaving her to an unreliable stranger.

The story started like this..
A couple came few days ago with their little girl.
She was around 8 months old. Busy crawling around.
Her problem was nappy rash. Her nappy rash was horrible. They weren't red, they were blue and thick all over the buttocks.
According to the father, everytime she pees, her legs would shiver from the pain.
Can you imagine an 8 months old shiver while bearing her pain?She was too young to suffer.

Poor girl.
The nursery that she attended was poorly managed and they only changed her diaper twice in a day.
Thus, she developped this problem.

Looking at the cheerful girl, I felt really sorry for her.
I wanted to cry.
The parents were really upset and they were going to transfer her to another nursery.
Still, many nurseries do this. Due to lack of workers, they neglect the children's needs.

Lastnight, another parents came to me. Frantic and worried.
I wonder why.
They wanted to show me bruises and cut they claimed.
The mother showed her 11 months old baby's neck.
There was a mark of petechia and bruises in a long rope shape around the neck.

It looks like this. Image from google.

The baby's one was redder. Petechia is caused by ruptures of capillaries.
Many causes could contribute to this condition including pressure like from bp cuff or cloth wrap.

The parents continued the story that the baby and her brother have been sent to this taska for a while. The baby would cry everytime they dropped her, frantic, refusing to be put down by her mother and was so happy everytime the parents came to pick them up.
Bak kata ibu bapa dia,'Macam tak sabar2 nak balik doctor'.

They never suspected anything until they saw the mark just now and the older brother started reporting that one of the teacher, tied his younger sister's hands and neck so that she would sleep still.

He hands were tight too during the shower and the teacher would just hold the rope to lift the kids up one by one for shower.
Let them dangle with arms outstretch.
He showed the marks on his wrists.

Seriously? you shouldn't lift your child up by pulling his hands or you might risk dislocating his shoulders.

The mother showed me a deep cut on the baby's leg. It was  curve shape  and she is suspecting that it was from a thumb's nail but the cut was too deep that it must be a sharp object, or long nail pressed hard to cut the baby's skin.
Seriously the cut was deep that it tore the baby's thin skin.
Whether it was from a knife or a nail, it was done purposely. If it was just a scratch it could be accidental.

Poor baby. 
She suddenly smiled at me.
So tiny and innocent.
Why would anyone hurts them?
If you can't take the pressure, change job. Do something else. Do not torcher an innocent child.
A child is as pure as a human can get.

As I touched her face with my hands, I felt the tears in my eyes.
All mothers feel the same.
I understand the parents' anxiety at this moment.

So, they asked the reason for the mark at the neck and I said, petechia can be due to many reason. If this is her first time, it could be from a pressure around the neck based on the story.

I gave example how in some people who are sensitive with pressure might get petechiae from tge pressure of bp cuff (alat tekanan darah).
So it will be around the area been compressed.
Anyway, try to get the bottom of this. Investigate first.
Why don't you discuss with the owner of the kindergarten and get an explaination.

I mean, if you suspect your baby getting a deep 2 cm in length cut at her leg  and a mark of red thick line around the neck is not something to be taken lightly.

They were really upset. The father was very angry and tried very hard to contained his anger. He just heard the story from his eldest son.

This reminded me of the story how a little boy told his parents how his younger sister was locked in a room for 2 hours if I was not mistaken.

Kids rarely lie as they are an innocent creatures. If they are the type to lie, you would know already as this wouldn't be their first lie.

If they were abused in a nursery, usually they would dread to be dropped every morning.
Some kids, refused to get out of the car. Cried everytime.

So sad. I wonder how long the two kids have suffered. Just because kids don't tell stories, don't express themselves well enough for parents to know, they were treated shabbily.

Stupid humans.
I don't think the boy would made up a story. If he would, he would have done it long ago not when the parents urged him after seeing bruises and marks.

Hugs Isabella hard (please protect my baby).

Lets be more alert and curious with the caretaker.
Nobody should be trusted unless proven otherwise.
Remember, it is not easy to bring them in this world.
They are ours to be protected and loved.
Even a day of suffering is long enough for our children.

1)Be cautious.
2)Always check your babies for marks, cuts and bruises at a hidden area especially.
3)Check for nappy rash during bath time.
4)Ask your kid about his teacher. Make your kid tells story about his day.
5)Make sure the nursery or taska is registered under jkm.
6)You are allowed to drop by anytime for sportcheck.
7)Do sportcheck.
8)if your kids cry unconsolably everytime you drop them, be curious and investigate why. Or change nursery.
9)Check the ration between caretaker and child according to the age as set by JKM.
10)If you give EBM be aware that sometimes they just melt all the packets and left them in the room temperature for more than 4 hours. 

These are all that I got from asking around whenever parents came to the clinic. I wanted to know which nurseries or kindergartens are problematic and which are not in Putrajaya.
I got a lot of feedback plus more headache.

This is the main worry of parents these days.
If we can settle this, we can focus more on work.


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