Life and death is in the hand of Allah

I have a favourite Mak Ngah on my husband side.
I really like her as she is very kind, warm and she can make really tasty Malaysian delicacies.
She always make them for us during any family events.
Recently, she was admitted due to hepatitis secondary to obstructive jaundice and postural hypotension.
Thats what I read from her medical file which the doctor left on her bed.
It is actually confidential but I didn't want to bother the oncall doctor on a Chinese New Year so I peeped through.
She was intubated and they are weaning down the ventilation and Noradrenaline.
Her Vitals were good. I would say that she was getting better.
The specialist said the same thing to my cousins earlier.
I was worried before I visited her as I didn't know what she was having and her current condition.
Seeing her, I had a new hope.
She has no underlying disease so she was improving fast.
The only thing that was creeping on my mind was the fever.
But they have just upgraded the antibiotic.
The only thing we could do is wait and see.

So yesterday, my SIL went to visit her in Hospital Seremban.
Mak Ngah was doing better.
She was communicating with us finally.

After a weekend with my in law's family, my husband and I came back home in the evening.
To our surprise, we received a call at 8.30 p.m. she has just passed away.
I was so shocked.
I was more optimistic than this.
I am sure the doctors were too because they would have called the family earlier to convey the critical condition news.
That is the usual practice.
Doctor wants to talk to the family~meaning not a good news.
In this case the specialists were saying that she was doing better.

I saw how she was weaned down on the inotropes and ventilation.
Innalillah hi wainna ilahirojiun.
Life and death is not in anyone's hand other than Allah.
We can predict and prode but the outcome only Allah knows.

Our dear aunt has left us.
We are going to miss her cheerfulness, her smile and her kind words to me.
I am going to miss her sorely.
May you rest in peace Mak Ngah.
Effa akan doakan Mak Ngah disana.
Sayang Mak Ngah.


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