Isabella meeting her future playdate

We took Isabella for a walk around the neighbourhood.

Since we were both at home today.

She seemed to enjoy the walk while mommy and daddy talked.

Her eyes were fixed to the camera.

We live at Putrajaya Precint 15 at 15H near the Equestrian Taman Warisan Rimba.
Everyday, you will get to see horses in the neighbourhood.
I wonder if I let Isabella learn horse riding? It is risky eventhough I've ridden few times on my own before.

It is a good neighbourhood surrounded by nature and our house is located on the hill.
The neighbours are senior citizens, VIPs, Dato' and Datuk, Datin except..

Ellysa Yasmin's parents.
They have finally moved in 3 weeks ago.
So, Meet Isabella's playdate Ellysa Yasmin 8 months old. The daughter of pretty Dr Liyana and Dr Fakhri.

Ice breaking while the mommies catching up.
I love the location of their house because it faces a pond and forest.

It gave hubby an

Baby fell asleep.
So which means mommy has to stop the catching up session.
So happy that my friends from Hospital Selayang are our neighbours.
We'll be seeing each other more often and they can go to school together in the future hahahaha.

After seeing how the others renovated their place and created their gardens, we got few ideas and started discussing on our own landscape plan.

Imagine Isabella getting excited looking at the fish in the pond:)

Loving the patio for family time.

Nice right?
Gonna sleep and dream of our future garden.
Good night


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