Pinky girl..(girl??? Ya laa lady or whatever hahaha)

Pink day!!
In case you haven't notice, I have so many hijab in pink.

Frankly I think pink is a cheerful colour.
It boosts my mood and cheerfulness.

That is Isabella's ABC matt.
And I am wearing the crumple shawl by lovelyspell (instagram).
The material is cotton. It is not transparent, wide enough to cover my bosom and very easy to wear.
I love it so much that I have a feeling I will be wearing them daily.
(Malas iron)

And she wanted to be in the picture.

Say cheese..

See the similarity??

Muaaahh muaaah looovvvveeee...

Flowery dress, Zara dark blue cardigan and H&M black jeans.
For work.

She had enough of selfie, hence the feet and a small scratch under my left eye.

Good night


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