Prioritize ourselves and forgive us whenever we failed

Ladies, mothers..
We always complain how busy we are,
how we don't have enough time for ourselves,
to slap on some face mask, night cream, for spa day and massage, for bodyscrub and mani pedicure.
The answer lies in prioritizing ourselves.
Yup!Your heard me.
Me time.
I am as equally important as people that I love.
Easy, you just set your mind at it.
Forgive yourself if you have to miss it for once or twice.

So like I said, I have started working out.
My aim is to do it 5x in a week which is on Mon, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
However, I got a morning call yesterday, a wake up call for emergency locum.
A doctor didn't show up at the clinic and they really needed me to replace.
People were lining up at the clinic with no doctor.
After a 15 hours straight of working on Sunday, I planned for monday to be my working out day, a day to rest because i have locum at 6 p.m.-10.30 p.m.

Anyway, after being begged, I hopped into the shower and went to work.

So I missed my work out day.

I came back last night with a sorethroat and a fever. Caught the bugs from the clinic.

Woke up today feelings worse to wear. Like there wa a lump in my throat. 
Dragged myself into the kitchen, no lemon???Wooaarr!!I need my lemon at a time like this.
Never mind, there was Sunquick so pour it into a glass and add honey. Drank 2 mugs and changed into my exercise gears.

Because I have set my mind that today is my work out day.

So I did 1 hour of exercise.
Felt so good that I carried out my plan.
Hop into the shower.
Had a long bath.
Scrub my body with bodyshop chocolate scrub, shampoo and condition my hair, Scrub my feet and brushed the heels.
This bodyshop scrub is one of my favourite maybe because I smell of chocolate afterwards or the texture of the scrubs with its oil which leaves my skin clean and soft, well moisturized after.

A cracked in someone's heels will just turn me off.
Imagine how much we use our feet, how far they have gone. They deserve some scrubbing and brushing.

Then, slap some moisturizer to your body and sole.

Recently, I have started using anti-ageing Loreal Revitalift night cream. I just love the effect on me.
The old acne scars on my cheeks have disappear. My skin becomes smoother and fresher.

We shouldn't neglect ourselves just because we are so busy with our family because we are equally important.
If let say we get sick, who will take care of our husband and children?
You know husband can't do everything as brilliant as us.

So, lets not forget our needs, health and beauty.
Whenever me have to skip our plan because something came up, forgive ourselves and set a new plan.

That is the way to go.


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