Sorry Note to hubby. Rare enough he knows

Whenever we have an arguement, you always say 'You think you are always right'.

I know it seemed that way but to tell you the truth, I don't think I was always right.

I have my fear, I have my flaws. Lots of them in fact.

I have my worries.
I am very preoccupied with so many things on my table as much as you are.
That doesn't mean I think of you less.
That doesn't mean your value is gone.
That doesn't mean you are out of my mind.
That doesn't mean my love has lessened.

You are still my number one.
I will drop everything within a hat if you tell me to.
But you don't and you won't.
That is why I love you the most.
I love you for your patience for me
I love you for your endless support.
Eventhough listening is not your virtue.
But you are the most understanding and accommodating man that I know of..
Other guys might complain when they heard nothing from their wife at work,
when the wife was always in the hospital more than at home,
when the wife rarely get a day off despite public holidays,
when the wife could not attend so many weddings or family gathering due to work.
Not you..
You would wait for me at home until I come back missing all those events.

It makes me realize how wonderful it is to have somebody who understands me in so many levels.

That is why you my dear can marry a doctor.

Sometimes I feel too overwhelmed, then I turned to you..
'I'm too tired. I can't do this'.
You'd say,'it's okay, hold on for 2 more days and you will rest soon'.
That is all that I need.
A reminder of something I already knew.
I wasn't looking for an advice but for a support.

I wouldn't say you are perfect nor would i say I am as much as we learned in this short exepriences of marriage life being perfect is not what we aim for..
other than to learn as we go along..
to be able to hold hands as we get older

How I wish that we can grow old together.. holding hands (ya I don't mean like holding hands literally I know how you feel comfortable doing it).
There is so much to achieve
There is so much to learn about each other
As far as I have learned is that I am glad I am having this journey with you..

Here is to facing more challenges together..
not that I am wishing for them..
but whatever comes in our way, lets remember how much we love each other..
Gone were the puppy love eyes..
replaced by a love stronger than before, a respect, mutual understanding and patience when all hails break lose.

So you asked for your 'I'm sorry' from me.
Here it is I am sorry for being stubborn at times, ya okay always..
For having less patience in my bones.. blame my I don't know maybe my late mom as ayah is such a patience guy. You can't blame me when I don't know my late mama long enough:P

The most important thing is that I love you before, now and always..


Can you top my sorry note?? (angkat kening)

Opps kiasu plak (blame my half chinese side)


p/s this note doesn't mean we had a war, it is just a sorry note for life long sorry as we go..peace


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