Baby proofing the house. It is time!!

One thing I realized now that my girl is 5 months old, she will make me chase after her.
She has started crawling since 4 months old.
It started with backward crawl and these days she can crawl forward and be all over the place.
I found her under the table, in front of the door and away from her initial place all the times.

To be truthful, I have never placed my baby girl on the floor like that okay. hahaha.

She has master it. I came out from shower and found her next to my dumbell under the table.

My girl has found her way around the house and it is quite tiring to move her back to the appropriate place.
Not that she is light. Her body is not that chubby but the flesh is very packed which makes whoever hold her tires easily.

6.4 kg. She can't even lie still on the scale.
Peeking at the neighbours.

Putting diapers on her is also a grueling chore now since I have to wrestle her back from her prone position. No more putting diapers while the baby lie on her back.
Imagine wrestling a baby to dress her up.
Playing is her current hobby.

Full of agendas.

 Mommy will have to baby proof the room for you.

Baby proofing is when you make the place safe for a baby to roam and crawl around.
To avoid any accident and injury.

It is advisable to baby proof your house before your baby starts crawling around.

I have to start doing it now. What with the guitar just by the wall, the electrical wire on the floor, my dumbells etc. I will have to make the room as clear as possible.

Pretending to be innocent when I caught her eating my prayer mat.

1)You know those wires and plugs on the floor and reachable, should be hidden from our children.

2)less furniture is better to avoid bumping on the hard surface and makes it roamier for a baby to explore.

3)linen hanging, can be pulled down by a baby.
4)water heater or iron with thewire danglingcan be dangerous.
5)water in a pail can cause drowning.
5)Mosquito repellants or the cockroaches poison if reached by a babh, will be place straight away in their mouth. 
6)Long rope or cloth which can cause stranggulation should be kept away.

There are many more rules and they just give me headache. 

But she makes them worth it:)


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