Before and after. Loreal Revitalift is my choice

Lately I've received several emails and messages on facebook asking about my skincare regime.
I have to agree that my skin has improved tremendously that even my mother in law commented on me recently.

Since my university days, I have struggled with my skin and hormones.
Tried several products but they were barely managing my oily skin and acnes.

After starting work in the hospital, the pimples became so horrible because of the amount of germsin the wards.
I got big big zits with pus.
From then on, they became scars. For the first time in my life, I have holes on my face.

It was so depressing and I have problem with self-esteem and trying to find a suitable product.

So here goes my flaws. This is not easy for me to show my skin without effects and editing.
I took the first photo 1 month ago.

I wanted to compare if the products that I am using really helps.
So as you can see, my skin was red with rashes and pigmented scars, holes.

After several days, the redness and rashescooled down. However the scars remained.

After 2 weeks, my holes disappeared, my rashes reduced tremendously and my skin became very moist, soft and fair.

After a month..I couldn't be happier. I know if I keep on using Loreal Revitalif product, my skin will improve more and more. A good skin will make you look radiant and beautiful, younger than ever.

First photo of my left cheek.

The redness disappeared after 3 days.
The effect was fast. I wouldn't believe it if not for the photos.

My redness has become smaller and smaller. The pigmented scar became lighter.

After a month, pore became refine, skin softer, moisture, fairer. I am ecstatic about the development and will continue taking care of my skin diligently.

All the photos were unedited and taken by a standard camera. Not 360. I took them closely to my skin so that every redness will be visible.

These days, I just go out with a tinted mosituriser plus UV protection and a light dust of powder. You will not be able to see the redness anymore.p

For my skincare regime, you can check my previous post on Scarf and scarf.


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