Bilingual Child

Teaching your child second languages!!

Before Isabella was born, I have confessed to my husband that she has to be fluent in English as much as she does in Bahasa Melayu.
I find that whoever can master English has better advantages in term of career advancement and life.

Since the first day that she was born, I only speak English to her.
Once in a while I would speak Bahasa Melayu and repeat the same sentence in English.

It is very important that we speak simple English, words to the kids so that they can hear and pick up the vocabs.
To introduce language and words, we should start as early as before 10 months.
Researches have shown that a baby can master any languages before the age of 10 months in which afterwards he or she would narrow the range of languages according to the most she hears around her.

Still, if you introduce late, they will be able to learn faster than older kids.

Bilingual immerse is a thing in the USA these days. Even Ivanka Trump encourages her little girl Anabella to learn Chinese. They have a Chinese nanny.
Children who can master different languages are more imaginatives and confident.

These days, I have started introducing Isabella Russian language since I can converse well in Russian.

She is more excited hearing this foreign language more than any other.
I guess that is because it has an intonations and stresses on the words which she found funny.

If you think that we are introducing too much to a baby, you might be surprised to know that their brain can absorp everything and expands more with stimulation. They are not like us.
So why not?

I also want her to learn Chinese as to embrace her Chinese root. However, it is unfortunate that I don't know the language and I have caused so many disappointment to my Chinese friends and clans.
I wished I was given a chance to learn by my parents.
Anyone, Isabella will be in touch of the roots and cultures.

After all, she is getting more and more comments from strangers on how she looks like a Korean baby, Japanese or Chinese. Sounds like what I have faced through my entire life.

Here are the tips on introducing language to your child:-
1)Talk to your baby and children in the language that you wish for them to learn.
2)Use simple sentence and words. The grammar can be taught later.
3)Read books to them.
4)Tv or cartoons in the foreign language. Do not use the dubbing. Show picture story books in that particular language.
5)If you send to language class, make sure that it is taught by natives for the children to speak with a full native sound. If the language introduction has been started before puberty, they will be able to pick up the almost-native-accents. Meaning that if they speak English, it will sound like 'orang putih' ler.
6)Use songs, rhymes and arts to teach your children.
7)Be creative with the teachings such as taking your kids on a day out according to theme.
8)If you have the chance, you can take her travelling to a foreign country to learn more about the cultures and locals.
St. Petersburg Russia.

9) Socializing with other kids in a foreign language will be a plus too.

So what languages should Isabella learns?
2)Bahasa Melayu

Next will be music, piano lesson, horse riding, swimming lessons and owh many more..hahaha lucky girl


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