Having kids make a birthday party exciting hahaha:)

As a new parent, you will face 'the first time' excitement of everything that your baby will go through.
I found it to be kind of boring before I had a baby.

It was like..'Ya your baby can crawl now so what? Every baby will crawl sooner or later duhh'.

Until I became a parent. And I was the worse of all.
Every 'the first time' will be recorded hahaha.

Like the first time my baby smile to me.
The first time she started cooeing, she started rolling and many more.
I am running out of ink to jot down in my journal and this is just my first child.
More are coming in the future hahaha.

To a parent, the first time your baby does something is like a lifetime achievement.
Atleast to an overly eager parents.hahaha.

So here it is, Isabella's first time wearing a dress.
We were going to my best friend's daughter 2 years old birthday party.

I called her the forest fairy but her daddy called her a pretty butterfly.
Which one do you think suits her better?
Her uncle bought this dress for her recently from Baby Gap US.
He is here in Malaysia for a holiday.

She made few friends..

Quite friendly this little lady of mine.

Here she was playing in the kids room near the pool.

It was a pool party.
So, we went to KLCC yesterday to hunt for her swimming outfit and baby float.

She loves the water.
Couldn't stop kicking under the float. But she wouldn't let go her daddy's finger.

I bought this from Isetan~Ogival baby float, Arena swimmingsuit, Swimming pampers.

Swimming is an excellent way to encourage your child's muscle's strength and development.
It is a good sport which take away your baby's weight and gravity from pressuring the undevelopped muscles.

Example, some parents introduce walker too soon to their baby. A walker on an undevelopped leg's muscle will be a burden to the legs. Many scientists think that it is not advisable. It is like this..your baby cannot stand properly yet due to his weak muscles. The muscles and strength will develop gradually according to the baby's age. And if a baby is placed in a walker, he will be forced to walk it and thus placed an unnecessary pressure on the still weak muscles. If a baby swim, the water will ease the gravity weight, while the baby kicks and exercise the legs.

Get it?Cool right? 
However, I'm not saying you shouldn't buy a walker as I am just sharing what I know.

That is why the western world introduce swimming to their baby. Too soon if you ask the grandmothers.

So while the husbands took care of the children in the pool, the mothers started selfieing.

from left, next to me was Tia Hakim the hot mommy, PB Mutual top financial consultant and a wittu blogger. She was the first blog I have ever read during my pregnancy and it got me hooked everyday.
Of all the blog that I have read, her writing suits me the best. Her common sense just goes with mine.
In one article, she could be clever but funny.

I have to admit, looking at her several times whenever I attended Yana's events, I thought she was a barbie. You know the pretty and delicate girl who might bore me with details about clothes, shopping, handbags, makeup all those things that I have less interest in. She could be a snob too since she wears all Chanel and Karl Langerfeld is her idol. That is because Karl Langerfeld has a razored tongue and he could make anyone squirm like a worm. hahaha.

How wrong was I. 360 degree wrong. I must have watched too much of 90210, nip tuck, Gossip girls, Fringe and many American tv series to made me this judgemental.

After reading her blog, I called Yana and confessed that I was so wrong. This girl is beauty with brain.
She has so much A's in her SPM that it makes my head spin.hehehe. She also received an offer to pursue Medical degree but she turned down knowing that it doesn't suit her. After reading her entry on her fear of giving birth, I would say she made the right choice.

So Tia Hakim, there is more to you than a girl with perfect hair, perfect make up and perfect outfit owh and perfect body. A lot more. So amongs your many other talents( money making), is your writing. Effortlessly superb. And you inspired me to start exploring my love of writing. 
So, don't stop.

Next to Tia is the highly demanded MUA and also my friend since forever, Shazreeyana Shukri and her team member facedesignKL (Famous MUA).
They are in demand now with our local designers. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. It was like just yesterday when she started confessinb, sharing her dilemma on wheather to pursue her parents dream of seeing her with a stethoscope around her neck or living her own dream. Her dream will involve a more risky, unpredictable route, hardwork, sacrifices. She has so much to lose and so much to prove if she choose this. She did and after years of hardwork, she can smile to those who have doubted her. I can see that she will stop at nothing. You go girl. I am proud of you.

So that is the end to a wonderful birthday party. I strayed away from the topic a little bit, as usual.

Here is my little swimmer after a strenous physical day. Sleeping very early hahaha. Yahoo!!
Hope you guys have a great Saturday too:)

p/s: Isabella sleeps with her eyes open just like her daddy. She scares me at times if we were alone at home at night.


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