Home mani and pedi for mommies

Home kit manicure and pedicure!!

Everyone who knows me know that I have to have my pampering sessions every month and that would include two sessions of mani and pedi every month.

I just love the feelings of somebody scrubbing my hands and feet.

Definitely love the after effect.

I didn't use color. It was just for grooming so that my nails look neat and clean.

Since having a baby, I don't like leaving her with someone else so I have stopped going to the gym or have my pampering sessions.

Recently, I went for a haircut and strucked a deal with my husband that I need my massage day and hair day every month. He was happy to oblige.

I exercise at home.
2 days ago I bought my own mani and pedi set.
So I'll be doing it myself.
Save me RM 100 for a session.

This is to soften the cuticles and nail bed so that you can push the skin at the nailbed.

With the nail board, they will polish your nails to shine.

I would say being a mommy can't stop me from looking good. Thank God.

Now I am a happy girl:)


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